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How to see what Facebook knows about you, and download your data


What data does Facebook have on you? A staggering amount if you've been using the service for a while. Fortunately, the social network makes it easy (if not straightforward) to find out exactly what information it has about your activities, and even lets you download your Facebook data. Before you begin, make sure you're logged into your Facebook account in your web browser. Once that's done, head over to the "Your Facebook Information" section of Facebook's account management options.

Facebook's Slack competitor Facebook at Work launching next month: Report


Facebook plans to launch its enterprise collaboration tool "Facebook at Work" publicly next month, according to The Information, following the Slack competitor's time in private beta since January 2015. Technology vendors are using a gloomy backdrop to pitch omnichannel, analytics and the Internet of things as magic bullets vs. Amazon. Like the consumer version of Facebook, the enterprise offering will have your News Feed, Groups, Events, and a dedicated Messenger app -- though it will be company specific. There are said to be audio and video calling to compete with Slack and Skype. Previously thought to be available for free, Facebook is said to offer Facebook at Work in a per seat pricing model, rather than charging a flat rate for the company to access the service.

5 Ways To Use Facebook To Boost Sales


Facebook Advertising can be of real value, particularly for companies and brands who sell directly to the consumer, with 2.23 billion monthly active users on the platform worldwide. The average person spends nearly two hours a day on Social Media, and so by targeting them through using a channel such as Facebook can prove to be extremely effective. But how can brands capitalise on the time spent on social media in order to boost sales? Delivering the right information to your audience at the right time can be key in how well a campaign performs. Think about when your target audience are online.

Facebook settles out of court in unique revenge porn case


Facebook may have left itself wide open to whole heap of legal headaches after it recently reached an out-of-court settlement in a revenge porn case. Between late 2014 and early 2016, the naked picture of a 14-year-old girl from Northern Ireland was repeatedly shared to a "shame" page on Facebook. Police are said to have failed to act fast enough to build any kind of case, so the girl, who said she was blackmailed into sharing the image in the first place, sued the alleged perpetrator and Facebook instead. After exhausting efforts to get the case dismissed from the High Court, Facebook negotiated a confidential settlement with the teen, which is thought to be the first time anyone has achieved the slightest success in a suit of this kind.

5 Ways Mark Zuckerberg Can Fix Facebook


Facebook's CEO is saying all the right things. In a series of public comments, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged what many people already knew: Facebook has become an unpleasant place that can make users feel lonely and frustrated.