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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Keyword Research


Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. It can help you find out what people are looking for, and determine which keywords will have the best conversion rates for your page. This article will show you how to use Google Webmaster Tools to perform keyword research. We'll walk through the process from start to finish, so you know exactly what steps to take. Keyword research is a great way to determine what phrases or terms are popular with your target audience.

Blog SEO: Easy Ways to Optimize Your Content for Google Search


When it comes to getting your brand and content in front of the right people, you've got a bunch of different options. You can pay to promote it via digital ads. You can share it on social media. You can build an email list and send regular newsletters. And you should be doing all of the above!

Keyword Research; An Effective Step by Step Guide


If you run a website and would like to research keywords, there are some best practices that are recommended to help you find the best keyword phrases to use. In this article, we'll focus on the several research methods and provide hints on how to carry out effective keyword research. Keep in mind that getting ranked for a keyword phrase depends on how relevant the content is around the much sought-after phrase. Choosing the right keywords can easily get overwhelming in your quest to create the best SEO strategies. That is why we came up with this step by step guide that you can use to find the best keywords for your website.

The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Tools for Your Business


The tools you use to do research have a direct impact on the kind of data you'll be able to gather. That's especially true when it comes to keyword tools. A great keyword tool provides actionable data on specific search queries and helps you identify potential keyword opportunities you otherwise wouldn't have considered. Long gone are the days when you could brainstorm some search terms for your site, mix them into your content (or advertising copy), and test to see what worked. Savvy marketers need to understand that a targeted, data-informed approach is the only way to remain competitive. Knowing which keywords to target is at the core of your SEO and content strategy. With more and more brands doubling down on SEO to boost brand awareness and bring qualified traffic to their site, the market is more competitive than ever. If you're not focusing on the keywords that matter, it's easy to fall behind.

21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2018


Because today I'm going to show you the exact SEO techniques that I use to generate 151,981 unique visitors per month. All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2018. And here are the tactics you'll learn about in this post. A while back, Google announced their RankBrain algorithm. And as it turns out, this update was a HUGE game changer. Google RankBrain is Google's first machine learning algorithm. As you can see, the happier you make Google's users, the higher you'll rank. Sure, backlinks, keywords and other traditional signals are still important. But RankBrain is quickly taking over. In fact, Google went on to say that RankBrain was one of their "top 3" ranking signals: How do you optimize your site for Google RankBrain? First, improve your organic click-through-rate (CTR). Google RankBrain wants to see that lots of people are clicking on your site in the search results. Let's boost it to the top of the page so it's easier to find".