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Apple iPhone XR: Three features I love, and one I hate


Apple's iPhone XR is the best iPhone available for most users. Not only is the XR more affordable than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but the overall experience doesn't forgo many of the headlining features that XS users will have access to. I've been using the iPhone XR as my main device for the past week. At times, I forgot I wasn't using my iPhone XS Max, and other times I was yearning for my personal device. Here are three things I love about the iPhone XR, and one thing I'm not all that impressed by.

The iPhone XR Is More Than Enough iPhone for Pretty Much Anyone

TIME - Tech

The iPhone XR is a great iPhone. Its huge screen is nice, the camera is great, and those eye-catching colors present you with options beyond just black or white. In some scenarios, the iPhone XR even performs better than its more expensive iPhone XS counterpart. And if you liked the last iPhones, you'll probably love this one, too -- it's still an iPhone, after all. But it's also a boring iPhone, one that does more to remind me of the four-year-old iPhone 6 than it does the brand new iPhone XS, despite the similarities in both size and features.

iPhone XR review roundup: cheaper and brighter with longer battery life

The Guardian

The first wave of verdicts from select reviewers given early access to Apple's latest iPhone XR are here, and if their thoughts are any indication of what to expect, cheaper means better. The £999 iPhone XS and £1,099 XS Max were and brilliant in many ways, but were a little on the expensive side. But the iPhone XR costs £749, has the same processor, same Face ID and same look as the £250 more expensive models, with a 6.1in LCD screen instead of a 5.8in or 6.5in OLED screen. The Guardian, not given early access to the new phones, will review them at a later date. For now, this is what a privileged few thought of the cheaper, but not exactly cheap, 2018 iPhone.

iPhone X release date, price and features


Update: We've had the iPhone X on test for over a day now, and we've got a video with our early thoughts thus far in our iPhone X 24 hour diary. Early findings show a strong Face ID performance and an impressive screen - does it do enough for iPhone fans though? Apple's long-awaited iPhone X pre-orders are now live, which means the official release date is next week: Friday November 3. You may not be able to buy Apple's highly anticipated smartphone right away. Finding it in stock on launch day is going to be extremely difficult, though we are tracking iPhone X pre-orders in the US, and the best iPhone X deals in the UK. Apple claims that the iPhone X, which is pronounced'iPhone 10', is worth your money and any extra wait time due to its revolutionary new features.