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Amazon unveils its first custom, all-electric delivery van from Rivian


Amazon's fleet of delivery trucks is finally getting a little greener. This morning, the e-commerce titan revealed its first custom electric delivery vehicle: A big, surprisingly cutesy van built in partnership with electric transport startup Rivian. Like Rivian's fully electric pickup truck, this new EV features a clean, even whimsical design. With big, round headlights sitting low to the ground, it almost has the appearance of a dog that knows it did something wrong -- a far cry from the angular, utilitarian look common to classic diesel delivery vehicles. While Rivian's experience is most keenly reflected in the van's exterior and under the hood, Amazon had considerable control over the interior.

Everything to Know About Rivian, the Next Electric Vehicle Darling

TIME - Tech

This week, electric vehicle maker Rivian is expected to throw its hat in the ring with a major IPO that could affect both the EV landscape and the way the world's largest online retailer gets its packages to your door. Rivian has already raised around $11 billion in private capital, with the majority arriving in the past three years, and is seeking a massive valuation of over $60 billion according to an SEC filing on Nov. 1, with plans to use the RIVN ticker. Its investors include some heavy hitters. Amazon, an early investor in Rivian, is estimated to own anywhere from a fifth to a quarter of the company, with plans to order 100,000 Rivian electric delivery trucks to bolster its own fleet and reduce its carbon footprint. T. Rowe Price, another major player and early investor, led a $2.5 billion investment round in the company in 2020.

Amazon adds 1,800 electric delivery vans — this time from Mercedes


It's not 100,000 electric delivery vans from new car company Rivian, but Amazon is adding nearly 2,000 new Mercedes vans to its fleet. Instead of diesel or gas-powered vans, however, every vehicle making Amazon deliveries from the German carmaker will be fully electric. Amazon recently announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz to incorporate 1,800 new delivery vans into its delivery service across Europe by the end of 2020. Those vans include 1,200 eSprinter vans and 600 eVito vans. The electric Sprinter van is the newest commercial electric vehicle from Mercedes and is a bigger version of its eVito van, which has 93-mile range. Rivian's e-vans are supposed to start delivering for Amazon in 2021.

Alexa gets behind the wheel! Amazon's custom electric delivery van will hit the road in 2022

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon has officially unwrapped its all-electric delivery van'packed with state-of-the-art technology.' The blue vehicle is designed with sensor detection, supports Alexa and includes a'dancefloor' inside the cabin for drivers to move around. CEO Jeff Bezo first announced the eco-friendly vans in 2019 as part of Amazon's climate plan, called the Climate Pledge, which is a commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040. The e-commerce giant is set to unleash 10,000 electric vans to make deliveries'as early as 2022' and will have a total fleet of 100,000 by 2030. Amazon has officially unwrapped its all-electric delivery van'packed with state-of-the-art technology' Cutting emissions is a challenging goal for the online retail giant, which delivers 10 billion items a year and has a massive transportation footprint.

Tesla Electric Truck Rival Rivian Files Estimated $80B IPO Amid Backing From Ford, Amazon

International Business Times

Electric truck maker Rivian announced on Friday that it "confidentially" filed for initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While no valuation was placed on the IPO, it is estimated to be valued in the $70-$80 billion range, sources told Reuters. Bloomberg reported in May that Rivian had selected Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley as its underwriters for the IPO and could seek a valuation of $70 billion at the time. Rivian, which will compete with several electric truck makers, including Tesla's Cybertruck, is expected to start production of the R1T pickup truck this year. The electrified R2T SUV will also begin production in 2021.