What's Going On With All These Tesla Firings?


Tesla has been on a pink slip rampage this month, firing between 400 to 700 people from its automotive branch. Its solar panel subsidiary, SolarCity, also plans to let go more than 200 employees by the end of October. Former employees estimate that dismissals at SolarCity and Tesla have affected around 1,200 people in total--Tesla itself refuses to disclose the exact number. If the estimates are correct, though, this would account for around 3.6 percent of its global workforce.

Tesla lowers the Model X's price now that it's more profitable


Tesla might have ditched the Model X's relatively affordable 60D trim, but that doesn't mean it's insensitive to your price concerns. Elon Musk's outfit has lopped $3,000 off the price of the base 75D model, bringing the entry point down to'just' $79,500 before tax credits -- right around where it was when the electric SUV launched nearly two years ago. Simple economics, Tesla says in a statement. When the Model X 75D launched, it had a low profit margin --"efficiencies" have let Tesla reduce the price without taking a hit to its bottom line. The move probably won't lead to a giant surge in sales for a luxury machine like the Model X, but it could help keep the existing sales momentum going at a time when Model 3 sales are still too new to represent a significant factor.

Tesla Motors cuts starting price of Model X SUV to 74,000

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Tesla Motors Inc. on Wednesday cut the starting price of its Model X to 74,000 for a more limited-range version of its sport utility vehicle as the electric carmaker tries to boost sales. The new Model X 60D has a range of 200 miles, compared with 237 miles for its prior entry-level version, the 75D. Top-level versions of the Model X, which have added range and faster acceleration, can cost more than 100,000. With the 60D, customers have "the flexibility to choose the Tesla model, price point and range that best fits their lifestyle," Tesla said. The price cut follows Tesla's report this month that its second-quarter global deliveries of 14,370 -- including 4,625 Model X vehicles -- fell short of expectations.

Tesla plans to double its charging network by the end of the year


Charging a Tesla is about to get a lot more convenient. The Palo Alto-based electric car manufacturer announced today that it intends to double the size of the Tesla charging network by the end of 2017. This expansion, which will take place across the globe, comes at a time when Tesla is preparing to increase its manufacturing output to 500,000 electric cars in 2018. The charging network is a vital part of Tesla's mission to sell all-electric cars to consumers worldwide. While owners can always charge their car overnight at home, this isn't an option for those looking to go on road trips or people who don't have personal overnight parking (like apartment dwellers).

Tesla Announces Lifelong Supercharging Is No Longer Free In China

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New Tesla owners in China will no longer enjoy free supercharging for life, Tesla China announced in a post on their local blog. Tesla China says the proceedings of the new fee will be used to expand the supercharger network. The fee applies to owners of the Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3. Owners of cars ordered after January 15 will have to pay 1.8 yuan ($0.26) per kWh. To ease the pain Tesla grants owners a free 400 kWh of supercharging credits per year, which is good value for around 1,600 kilometers of driving. Owners will only start paying after the 400 kWh has been fully used, and they will be billed via their account on Tesla's website.