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In Event of Moon Disaster - Nixon Deepfake Clips


These samples are taken from the full Nixon deepfake speech delivery that is part of the "In Event of Moon Disaster" project. The installation version of "In Event of Moon Disaster" premiered on 22nd November, 2019 at the International Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) as part of the IDFA DocLab program. The entire speech is available there currently and will be shared online as part of the larger art/education project in Spring 2020. Please visit for more info.

Lucas: Biden needs to answer for mistakes in Afghanistan

Boston Herald

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" That is what anti-Vietnam War veteran John F. Kerry asked President Richard Nixon in 1971 at a Washington hearing on the gut-wrenching Vietnam War. Maybe now, in the wake of the disaster in Afghanistan, Kerry could pose the same question to his friend President Joe Biden. He could ask, "Joe, how did you ask 13 young men and women to die at the Kabul airport for your mistake?" He has willingly committed one of the biggest blunders in U.S. foreign policy history.

'Deepfake' Nixon Video Discusses A Moon-Landing Disaster That Never Happened


It's a lot harder to recognize fake videos than you can imagine, including this President Richard ... [ ] Nixon deepfake about Apollo 11. Fifty-one years ago this week, the first moon landing took place. Two astronauts from Apollo 11 walked around on the lunar surface for a couple of hours, changing space exploration forever. Most people around the world accept this statement as truth, but there has always been an underbelly of society who (wrongly) think the moon landing in 1969 never happened. A new project shows the danger of how easy it is to spread fake news, through the power of a video related to the first moon landing.

Trump Isn't Nixon


They planned for this bombing halt, and Henry Kissinger picked up news of it. Others picked up word of it in Washington, and they told the Nixon campaign. And Nixon, afraid that he was going to be the victim of a dirty trick and that Johnson was acting only out of political motives, got Anna Chennault, who was an old China lobby hand, to go to the South Vietnamese and say, "Hold off. Our guy's going to win, and you'll get a better deal if Nixon wins." Like I said, bits of this were leaked by the Johnson forces because he was tapping the South Vietnamese Embassy and the presidential palace in Saigon, but most of it was sealed up quite efficiently by Johnson because he thought it would be very destructive to the world war effort if this all came out.