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Apple 'Neural Engine' chip could power AI on iPhones


But to keep its devices competitive, Apple is building a secondary mobile processor dedicated to powering AI. The tech titan's devices currently split AI tasks between two chips -- the main processor and a GPU -- but this new one, allegedly known internally as the Apple Neural Engine, has its own module dedicated to AI requests. That puts Apple further behind Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon mobile chips, which already have a dedicated AI module, and Google's Tensor Processing Units available in its Cloud Platform to do AI heavy lifting. Unlike the company's differential privacy methods protecting data sent to Apple's servers, the Neural Engine chip would let devices sift through data on their own, which would be faster and easier on the battery, just like the M7 processors did for motion back in 2013.

Apple Adds Artificial Intelligence Smart Features to its Latest iPhone Offerings Analytics Insight


The three new iPhones unveiled by Apple in the glassy circular headquarters on Wednesday have a close resemblance with last year's iPhone X. Going by the design the new iPhone devices' computational powers have got an invisible but more significant upgrade. Apple's phones are empowered with a new chip technology running on AI algorithms that assist the devices to understand the world around them. Explaining its latest offerings, Apple said that these improvements allow the new devices to enthral its users with slicker camera effects and augmented reality experiences. With the launch, Apple has allowed non-Apple developers to run their own algorithms on Apple's AI-specific hardware for the first time. This means the iTunes app store will come with new experiences on getting things done, socializing and creating art.

The millennial who prefers a Victorian steam engine to an iPhone

BBC News

He maintains, cleans, stokes and runs the 150-year-old steam engine himself, and says it's like an addiction.

AI processors go mobile


At its iPhone X event last week, Apple devoted a lot of time to the A11 processor's new neural engine that powers facial recognition and other features. The week before, at IFA in Berlin, Huawei announced its latest flagship processor, the Kirin 970, equipped with a Neural Processing Unit capable of processing images 20 times faster than the CPU alone. The sudden interest in neural engines is driven by the rise of deep learning. These specialized processors are designed specifically to crunch the complex algorithms used in artificial neural networks faster and more efficiently than general-purpose CPUs. This trend is already having a profound impact in the data center.

BMW Apologizes Over Engine Fires Caused by Hardware Problem

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More than 20 cases of BMW fires have been reported in South Korea, mostly in July. Images and videos of BMW sedans engulfed in smoke and gutted by fires caused alarm among drivers. Some parking lots reportedly refused to let in BMW drivers and other drivers said they were trying to avoid BMWs on the road.