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Virginia Among 10 States Picked for Federal Drone Program

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Eleanor Nelsen is a spokeswoman with Virginia Tech's Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science. She says a lot of specifics including flight locations are still being ironed out. But she says Virginia's proposal focused on applications in package delivery, emergency management and infrastructure inspection.

Community College in Kansas to Offer Drone Degree Program

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"My hope is that K-State will bring the last two years down here within two years -- because we'll have a pipeline of students for them -- so somebody could physically stay in this area is what my hope is," Winningham said. "We haven't gotten that far yet, but that's where we're hoping to go."

University Drone Program Stirs Enthusiasm

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"It's a wonderful opportunity for students to fly their own aerial photography mission, which, in the past, it had to be done with real aircraft, and very expensive machinery and cameras," he said. "But now, the student can choose his or her own area and simply fly it. All you need is just good weather and apparently avoid restricted areas."

Tyler Summer Camp Teaches Students to Pilot, Program Drones

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They take a deep breath and begin to walk their drone through a course, dipping, dodging and diving around various obstacles.

Drone Program Announced By Skyfire & Darley – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


An Atlanta-based public safety drone consultancy, 'Skyfire Consulting', is partnering with W.S. Darley & Co., an emergency equipment giant, to give away a complete drone program to a public safety agency. "This is everything an agency needs to start a professional and legal drone program for their response effort," says Matt Sloane, CEO of Skyfire Consulting. The program will be including equipments, training and help with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the winning department, such as a manual guide, on-site training, Blanket certificate and 18 months of email and phone support from Skyfire. "We're excited to give away this program because it will help increase awareness of drones in public safety," adds Mike Mocerino, head of robotics at W.S. Darley.