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Creepy humanoid robot sends Twitter users into a panic (but all is not as it seems)

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A startling video of a humanlike robot has been making the rounds on the internet showing the droid casually walking up a driveway. If you didn't know any better, you might think the video is real, as the hi-tech robot walks with what resembles a human's gait and, just as it passes the cameraman, gives viewers a closer look at its white-masked face and a pair of black eyes. The clip has racked up five million views and caused many scared Twitter users to warn of the end of days. A startling video of a humanlike robot has been making the rounds on the internet showing the droid casually walking up a driveway. In actuality, the creepy humanoid isn't real after all, since it was created using computer-generated graphics.

Boston Dynamics' latest robot stymied by a banana skin


Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned robot maker that's apparently up for sale, has a new four-legged robot small enough to walk around a house, agile enough to load your dishwasher, and not quite clever enough to avoid banana skins on the floor. Called Spot Mini, it's a smaller version of the company's Spot robot. Spot was developed for use by the U.S. military and took part in tests with Marines last year. In a video posted to YouTube on Thursday, Spot Mini is seen in several configurations. In one it has a prominent LIDAR laser imaging sensor on top of its body and in another is an arm with a gripper on the end.

Brain-controlled Robots


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What could Google possibly want with an armless robot?

Washington Post - Technology News

Seven weeks ago, Google made waves in the robotics world with a human-like robot that could walk on uneven terrain, lift boxes and get back up after falling. Such abilities hadn't been seen in one robot. Now Google (formally known as Alphabet) is at it again. Another robot has emerged from X, the company's experimental labs, roaming outdoors on two legs, according to a new video that surfaced from a conference in Japan. While experts call it an impressive demonstration of balance and two-legged walking, it remains unclear what real-world uses Google or anyone could have with a legged robot in the near term.