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Oilman Connect Virtual Conference & Expo Registration


On November 5 and 6, 2019 you are invited to join us at the OILMAN Connect Virtual Conference and Expo. At OILMAN Connect, you will have the opportunity to visit companies showcasing their industry technology, products and software solutions, as well as hear from oil and gas industry leaders presenting at our innovative webinar and speaker series – all with the click of a button.

Technology changes everything

MIT Technology Review

We are living in a changed world. Technology and what it means to be digitally resilient are driving the nature of work on every level of the organization as never before. Your key to success as a leader will be making smart, practical decisions about enhancing the technology you use today and embracing the technology poised to restart business. Join us June 8-10 for EmTech Next, MIT Technology Review's 3-day virtual conference hosted in partnership with Harvard Business Review. We're proud to offer a thought-provoking analysis of the technologies and forces fueling business transformation.

ODSC Virtual Conference - COVID19


These are the top training sessions from ODSC East Virtual Conference 2020, covering topics from Machine Learning to MLOps. Get trained and certified today.

Interactive Conference: Learn Beyond Your Field


This year's Virtual Summit will focus on the theme, AI is for Everyone! Our Global Virtual Summit creates an inspiring and inclusive platform that influences responsible AI, social accountability, and a commitment to our world's sustainability. Together, we will embark onto the next decade.

TDWI Virtual World Conference


We provide the education and experts to get you to the next level. Whether you're on the technical side or the business, just starting out or the CTO, you'll get access to comprehensive coverage of the most important skills, insights, and best practices for transforming data into better business decisions.