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SEO Checklist for Website Owners: Updated for 2016 and Beyond - Search Engine Journal


If you're still stuck on the same old on-page SEO routine, it's time to wake up, smell the coffee, and figure out what's up in 2016. If you're waking up from 2010, you've got a long way to go, Rip Van Winkle. But even if you're poking into the SEO world from just a few months ago, you might be surprised at how much changed while you were away. We're always in need of "updated" information for SEO, and I thought now was a great time to release my updated checklist. I've organized this list into three main sections: Analytics help you gain an insight into your visitor demographics and understand your marketing better.

A search engine could become the first true artificial intelligence


Everything in our online life is indexed. Every idle tweet, status update, or curious search query feeds the Google database. The tech giant recently bought a leading artificial-intelligence research outlet, and it already has a robotics company on its books. So what if Google, or Facebook, or any of the companies we entrust our information to, wanted to use our search histories to create an artificially intelligent robot? Writer and director Alex Garland's new film, Ex Machina, looks at just that.

Omnity search engine finds documents relevant to yours – regardless of language


With the amount of published research, patents, white papers, and other written knowledge out there, it's hard to be even reasonably sure you're aware of the goings-on around a certain topic or field. Omnity is a search engine made to make it easier by extracting the gist of documents you give it and finding related ones from a library of millions -- and now supports over a hundred languages. The process is simple and free, at least for the public-facing databases Omnity has assembled, comprising U.S. patents, SEC filings, PubMed papers, clinical trials, Library of Congress collections, and more. You upload a document or text snippet, and the system scans it, looking for the least common words and phrases -- which generally indicate things like topic, experiment type, equipment used, that sort of thing. It then looks through its own libraries to find documents with similar or related phrases that appear in a manner that suggests relevance.

California Inc.: Anyone in the market for a slightly used search engine?

Los Angeles Times

Expect financial markets to face headwinds today after the Federal Reserve reported Friday that U.S. industrial production fell more than expected in March. This is the latest sign that economic growth slowed significantly in the first quarter. On the plus side, though, many economists still forecast a rebound in growth as the year plods ahead. Don't complain -- you got three extra days this year. The normal deadline, April 15, was a holiday -- Emancipation Day -- in the District of Columbia (Emancipation Day is actually April 16, but because that fell on a Saturday, the holiday was observed Friday).

Brain: A Search Engine Programmed with Artificial Intelligence


The internet has transformed the way of obtaining information. Search engines play a crucial role in the process of collecting information. The present innovations and technological advancements have brought a new face to the internet. Jerry Yue has designed a new search engine Brain, which uses artificial intelligence. Jerry Yue has become famous for his earlier startup,