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IBM Cloud Satellite goes GA


Almost a year after announcing the preview of IBM Cloud Satellite, the platform is now becoming generally available. IBM Cloud Satellite extends the IBM Cloud control plane to run virtually anywhere, whether that be on commodity hardware, some edge device, or inside another public cloud. We provided a deeper dive description of Cloud Satellite in our original post. To recap, it adds a Location construct to represent external deployments of IBM Cloud (much like federated queries for databases treat outside sources as external tables), along with a Link that provides the tether to the control plane, based in the IBM public cloud. Importantly, IBM does manage Cloud Satellite deployments; that's a departure from most other software-defined hybrid cloud platforms that run on any hardware.

IBM forms 5G network partnership with AT&T to bolster its hybrid cloud architecture


IBM and AT&T have formed a new partnership that's meant to help enterprise clients adopt 5G technologies using IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM's hybrid cloud platform for managing apps in IBM Cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. Specifically, IBM and AT&T will work together to help enterprises manage their applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments with IBM Cloud Satellite leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, over AT&T networks. Built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Satellite allows customers to access IBM's cloud and security services in any location. The combination with AT&T's 5G network is meant give customers in highly regulated industries access to 5G capabilities that can improve user experiences, uncover new revenue streams and optimize processes, the companies said. According to IBM, the joint offering will provide users with a single dashboard designed to manage services across multiple clouds and billions of edge devices with high levels of reliability and security.

IBM Cloud for Telecommunications targets 5G and edge innovation


IBM has announced the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications which is aimed at accelerating 5G and edge innovation for customers. The new offering is touted by Big Blue as a secure and open, hybrid cloud architecture designed to help telecommunications providers address the specific challenges of the highly-regulated telco industry. "As 5G becomes more prevalent, telecommunications providers are transforming their networks into agile platforms that can efficiently scale to support growing volumes of data, voice and multi-media services," the company said. The platform is built on Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Satellite, which is currently in beta. The platform also integrates and extends IBM Edge Application Manager and IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager, with IBM saying this will help reduce network-related infrastructure costs, increase automation, and speed up the deployment of services.

Red Hat partners with AWS with OpenShift Container Platform 3.7


The cloud is disrupting traditional operating models for IT departments and entire organizations. Kubernetes has become the cloud container orchestration program. Red Hat jumped on the Kubernetes bandwagon early in 2015. Today, Red Hat is all in, with the release of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7. This latest version of Red Hat's enterprise-grade Kubernetes container application platform is meant for building and managing containers from the data center to the public cloud.

IBM and Persistent Systems to Accelerate IBM Cloud Pak Deployment and Core IT Modernization


IBM and Persistent Systems announced a new collaboration to help accelerate IBM Cloud Pak deployments to speed clients' enterprise modernization and their move to the cloud. Over the last year, more than 2,000 Persistent engineers and technical professionals have been extensively trained on critical containerization and Kubernetes skills needed to deliver value in multi-cloud environments, especially those leveraging IBM Cloud Paks on Red Hat OpenShift. Persistent also announced a new IBM Cloud Pak deployment practice to help organizations migrate and modernize IBM workloads across all cloud environments, including IBM public cloud and IBM Cloud services. Persistent has been an IBM Business Partner for more than 17 years. Persistent's expertise in solution development helps clients upgrade and migrate critical applications by leveraging the IBM Cloud Pak portfolio, including IBM Cloud Paks for Data, Automation, and Security.