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August wants a do-over for its brand-new August View Doorbell Camera


Like Arlo before it, August Home is responding to a cavalcade of negative consumer reviews of its brand-new August View Doorbell Camera by temporarily stopping shipment until it can resolve the complaints. If you bought one and act before midnight on May 3, you can get a refund without obligation to return the product. There is one catch, however; you'll need to commit to provide feedback to August to help them "improve the experience." We were in the midst of testing the new doorbell camera for an upcoming review and experienced some of the same issues that users have cited on Amazon and on August's own site. The professional reviews published so far have not been all that negative--an average score of about three out of five stars--with the most common criticisms being the length of time it takes for the live stream to start, so you can see the visitor on your porch.

Get a Ring doorbell alternative on sale for just $50


Doorbell cameras are a sensible home security solution, allowing you to monitor who is coming up to your door, delivering your packages, smashing your pumpkins, stealing your packages, smashing your packages, or stealing your pumpkins. That's why you need to check out the Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera. Since there are no complicated wires or control boxes to install, the camera can be up and running in minutes. Just stick it to your doorway like a piece of hi-tech gum. From there, the camera takes a photograph every time your doorbell is rung and sends that photograph to an indoor receiver, which then bounces the picture straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Netgear's Arlo is launching a smart doorbell


Today, Netgear announced that it is launching a Arlo-branded doorbell that works seamlessly with its line of security cameras and security lights. The wire-free Arlo Audio Doorbell can replace your traditional doorbell; every time someone rings the doorbell, the Arlo app will call your smartphone, which allows you to speak to your visitors or send a prerecorded greeting. However, you can also use it as a wireless doorbell. It runs on two AA batteries, and Netgear reports that in testing, these lasted for about a year. If you would prefer a more traditional doorbell experience (and don't want the doorbell constantly calling your phone), Netgear will also offer the Arlo Chime.

The best smart doorbells

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Home security cameras can help keep a watchful eye on the outside of your home, but what about your front door? If you want to see who's there without getting up, keep an eye out for porch pirates, or simply make sure the delivery person actually leaves your package while you're at work, then a video doorbell may be the way to go. Most smart doorbell cameras include features like live video feeds, two-way audio, and alerts that stream to your smartphone, even when you're not home--making it the perfect device to add to your smart home setup or security system. To find out which will really ring your bell (and find the best smart video doorbell you should buy), we've tested and compared 14 of the most popular models, and the Google Nest Hello Smart WiFi Video Doorbell (available at Walmart for $229.00) is our new best overall winner, ticking all the boxes we look for in a doorbell camera: reliable connection, quick alerts, detects motion, crystal clear audio, and, most importantly, high-quality video.

Arlo Audio Doorbell review: A solid supplement to an Arlo security camera system


Arlo's first doorbell helps plug a gap in its product line, finally providing Arlo users with a connected product for the front door. The Arlo Audio Doorbell, however, is considerably less sophisticated than rival products. It doesn't have a camera, so it occupies a middle ground between a conventional doorbell and a video doorbell. The Arlo Audio Doorbell features a motion sensor, a speaker, and a microphone, so users are alerted to someone at their door and can speak to them remotely via the Arlo app. But if you want to see your visitors, you'll also need an Arlo camera.