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AI and ML trends and predictions for 2018 and more – Infographic


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are beginning to be common words in our daily lives. We've seen what this technology can do in many industries, experiencing emotions from happiness, optimism, to fear and anger. The last two were influenced by the controversial paradigm that says that people will be, as time passes, replaced by robots. But the latest studies showed the opposite. If you were impressed by the evolution of AI in the past few years, in the infographic below, you will find out what to expect from it in the future.

These are the top 10 strategic tech trends for 2017, according to Gartner


During the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, taking place in Orlando, Florida, the company announced what it thinks are top ten strategic technology trends for next year. It curated a list of technology solutions with'substantial disruptive potential', that are just emerging into broader use. A couple of these technologies have been around for some time, and have been talked about quite often, while others are just beginning to grab some limelight. "Gartner's top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017 set the stage for the Intelligent Digital Mesh," said David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow. "The first three embrace'Intelligence Everywhere,' how data science technologies and approaches are evolving to include advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence allowing the creation of intelligent physical and software-based systems that are programmed to learn and adapt.

Artificial Intelligence and HR HR Trend Institute


On May 20, 2017, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, gave a presentation at the HR Innovation Day 2017, in Leipzig. The title of his presentation was: "Artificial Intelligence: threat or opportunity for HRM". His presentation was recorded, and the video can be found here. Tom Haak is the founder and director of The HR Trend Institute. Prior to founding the HR Trend Institute in 2014, Tom held senior HR positions in companies as Arcadis, Aon, KPMG and Philips.

Expo to air HR technology trends in analytics, recruiting and more


Jason Averbook, an analyst and consultant, said the conference offers "huge learning opportunities" for people who are facing fast changes in technology. "The reason to attend is to keep learning and keep your eye sharp on what the market is doing, and get some ideas about what you might be doing down the road," he said. Katherine Jones, director of talent research and partner at Mercer LLC, based in New York, said areas such as machine thinking and artificial intelligence are important HR technology trends that will be on display. "Vendors have figured out how to do the bread and butter of managing people. Where can they go next?"

Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018


China is racing ahead in AI. Deep learning is getting a make over. AI is coming to Cannabis tech. Artificial intelligence is changing the fundamental structure of every industry in areas ranging from agriculture to cybersecurity to commerce to healthcare, and more. We're interacting with technology in new ways, from giving voice commands to washer-dryers to playing advanced gesture-controlled video games.