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Best online master's in computer engineering 2021: Top picks


Computer engineers develop, improve, and implement the technologies that have become essential to the success of so many organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the addition of more than 650,000 computer and information technology occupations between 2020 and 2030. With a computer engineering master's, you can qualify for research, hardware or software development, networking, data, and security positions. On this page, we look at the best schools offering a master's in computer engineering. We also examine what a program might look like and what other degree options are available to you.

Best online master's in software engineering 2021: Top picks


Are you a programmer with an undergraduate degree looking to take on a more analytical, responsibility-filled job? Consider pursuing a software engineering degree. Software engineers draw upon engineering principles to design and create software products for businesses. A software engineering master's degree can be your portal to this dynamic career. In companies that create software products, software engineers are the brains behind the operation, working with the nuts and bolts of software's structural design.

Best online degrees in information technology 2021: Top picks


This course presents web page design, development, and maintenance basics. Topics usually include programming, architectural elements, graphics, HTML, and interfaces. Enrollees learn about managing networking technologies used in business settings. Covered topics typically include design and management of communication protocols, data communications, human interaction with networks, and reporting issues. An associate degree in information technology can land you an entry-level IT job with minimal time spent in school. Increasingly, many companies require a bachelor's degree. Advanced degrees garner higher salaries and more opportunities for advancement. IT professionals may pursue graduate degrees to move into upper-level, academic, and management roles.

Best online hospitality management degrees 2021: Top picks


Hospitality management programs feature specialized business training for the lodging, food service, and tourism sectors. Graduates with a hospitality management degree can manage the finances, facilities, and operations for restaurants, hotels, and events and attractions. They can also apply their business training to leadership positions in other industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the creation of 900,000 new management positions 2020-30. This promising sector includes lodging, facilities, and food service management positions.

Best online master's in management information systems 2021: Top picks


Organizations use management information systems to collect, organize, and analyze data for operations management and decision-making purposes. These systems help organizations become more efficient and effective. Graduates with a management information systems master's degree have some of the most advanced training available in this field. With organizations seeking every competitive advantage possible, professionals who can manage these systems will benefit from an increased demand in the job market. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 25% growth in operations research analyst positions between 2020 and 2030. This page ranks the best management information systems master's programs and explores the discipline in more detail.