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Best online master's in computer engineering 2021: Top picks


Computer engineers develop, improve, and implement the technologies that have become essential to the success of so many organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the addition of more than 650,000 computer and information technology occupations between 2020 and 2030. With a computer engineering master's, you can qualify for research, hardware or software development, networking, data, and security positions. On this page, we look at the best schools offering a master's in computer engineering. We also examine what a program might look like and what other degree options are available to you.

Build a solid foundation in power engineering with this course bundle


TL;DR: The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class bundle is on sale for £20.07 as of June 24, saving you 97% on list price. We've all had those moments when a fuse blows in our house and our first instinct is to call someone else to fix it. If you've always had that nagging feeling in the back of your head that you wish you were more handy around the house, the simple answer is that you can be -- with the right training of course. Right now the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class bundle is on sale for £20.07 (that's a savings of 97% from its original price tag), and it comes full of expert knowledge on electrical engineering fundamentals. This five-hour course discusses anything and everything related to electrical power substations. This includes its purpose, understanding the importance of insulators and conductors, learning how to design a substation, and understanding the transformers (such as current and potential or voltage) that comprise them.

Understand the fundamentals of electrical engineering with this online bundle


TL;DR: The Fundamentals of Power and Electrical Engineering Bundle is on sale for £28.59 as of April 22, saving you 97% on list price. The world needs electrical engineers to create, design, and manage electrical systems. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can build a foundation with this nine-course online electrical engineering training for beginners. Taught by John Peterson, a registered professional engineer with specialties in mission-critical and data centre design, and Ahmed Mahdy, an electrical power engineer with an instructor rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this course bundle breaks down the basics of power engineering in data centres across 32 hours of content. You'll also dive into how electrical engineering works in relation to the internet.

Best online master's in software engineering 2021: Top picks


Are you a programmer with an undergraduate degree looking to take on a more analytical, responsibility-filled job? Consider pursuing a software engineering degree. Software engineers draw upon engineering principles to design and create software products for businesses. A software engineering master's degree can be your portal to this dynamic career. In companies that create software products, software engineers are the brains behind the operation, working with the nuts and bolts of software's structural design.

Electrical engineering salary guide: How much can you make?


Electrical engineers design and oversee the development of electrical equipment. They create new technologies and improve existing devices, adhering to client and end-user needs, building codes, and safety standards. Advancements in technology have helped create a growing demand for electrical engineers. Much of the growth has occurred in the professional, scientific, and technical service fields. Electrical engineers also work in power generation, manufacturing, and research and development.