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Man's eloquent response to parking ticket is pretty damn clever


While most people shrug their shoulders and decide to just pay up, one Australian man has found a rather novel and hilarious way to fight a parking ticket issued to him. SEE ALSO: 'The Bachelor' contestants find love on the show, but with each other Liam Jones in Perth, Australia, parked his vehicle at a car park, which is owned by a company called Wilson Security. He was issued with a A 65 (US 49) notice for "liquidated damages" for overstaying, allegedly four minutes after his parking ticket expired. Jones noticed the ticket's wording of "liquidated damages," finding out that the company couldn't issue a penalty legally based off that definition. It could only recoup losses that is comparable to the revenue it had lost.

Kakao launches mobile parking service


Kakao Mobility has rebranded its cab chauffeur service KakaoTaxi and updated it to include all its existing transportation services along with the new addition of parking. Now called Kakao T, users can call cabs, call for substitute drivers, navigate, and search for parking spaces all through the one app, the company said. They can access any of those services through a tab bar at the top of the app. Payments will be automatically paid through Kakao Pay, the firm said. The new parking service searches for available parking spaces in real time, and will suggest up to five parking spaces around the user's specified location.

Delivery robots to digital health apps: 5 ways your next airport visit could be contactless

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

In addition to cleaning, sanitizing and setting up COVID-19 testing stations, airports are responding to the coronavirus pandemic by finding ways to make the journey through the terminal touch-free. Before the pandemic, contactless services would have been presented as convenient amenities for travelers. Today, however, they have become an important part of the tool kit for keeping passengers safe, healthy and confident enough to travel. From touchless airport parking to check-in, bag drop and even robot food delivery, here are some of the ways – and places – your airport experience might be different during your next trip. CDC advises COVID-19 tests for travel:8 do's and don'ts ahead of your trip Before the pandemic, some airports offered travelers the option to reserve and prepay for parking online.

Explore A 3D Model Of Richard III's Parking-Lot Grave

Popular Science

Found under a parking lot, these bones have been positively identified as belonging to Richard III. One year ago this week, the remains of Richard III, found under a parking lot in 2012, were reinterred in a grand ceremony. While people can visit Richard's remains in their current marble resting place, now you can also explore his original resting place, a hastily dug grave that was covered by a parking lot in the intervening centuries since Richard's untimely demise on the battlefield. The remains were positively identified as the late king in 2014. The new digital model gives researchers (and the general public) a 360-degree view of Richard's shallow grave, with annotations that highlight details of the archeological site.

The Loneliness of the Parking-Lot Phone Call

The New Yorker

There's a parking lot next to my office in Brooklyn where I've taken some terrible phone calls. The sharp edges and growing silences of an unravelling relationship, the panicked receipt of information regarding a friend's medical crisis: a parking-lot phone call is one of immediacy or obligation, something you have to tend to when there's nowhere else to go. New York is a city of communal anonymity, where we often treat public spaces like private ones, trusting that no one will pay us any mind. When I walk through the city, I find myself peering into parking lots and down alleyways, watching and overhearing others engaged in exchanges similar to the ones I've had, their shoulders drooping or hands extended to punctuate their staccato speech.