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Disrupting Industries With Cognitive Computing


Next-generation cognitive computing is rapidly changing how we live and work. Thousands of brands like 1-800-Flowers and Sesame Street are already using cognitive solutions like IBM Watson to redefine how they improve performance, customer service and revenue. Today's business challenges have never been more complex, and the critical insights that can help address these challenges are often buried in an avalanche of data. With cognitive computing, we are now able to unlock the value in ALL the data -- from internal, external and even publicly available sources -- available to a business. Much of this data was previously inaccessible as it existed in was unstructured (documents, emails, social media posts and images etc.), or was dispersed among any many systems and silos.

IBM Offers a Smarter, Slimmer Watson as a Conversationalist for Hire

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Watson, the IBM computer system that attracted millions of viewers when it defeated two Jeopardy champions handily in 2011, is finally going to meet its public. Last week, IBM announced that a version of the artificially intelligent software that gave Watson its smarts is to be rented out to companies as a customer service agent. It will be able to respond to questions posed by people, and sustain a basic conversation by keeping track of context and history if a person asks further questions. An "Ask Watson" button on websites or mobile apps will open a text-based dialogue with the retired Jeopardy champion on topics such as product buying decisions and troubleshooting guidance. This new version of Watson, somewhat opaquely called "Watson Engagement Advisor," will be the Jeopardy champ's first truly public test.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson Advisor


Conventional MDM, EMM and UEM solutions lack the ability to discover and prioritize the areas that have the most meaningful impact on your organization. Instead, they rely on YOU and your team to self-discover risks and opportunities related to your endpoints, their users, apps, content and data. Taking a cognitive approach to unified endpoint management (UEM), watch how IBM MaaS360 with Watson Advisor brings risk exposures, opportunities, and information front and center for IT professionals. See how easy and fast you can drill down on each insight to Discover, Define, Assess, and Act on mobile threats to the enterprise.

CenturyLinkVoice: How The Cloud Is Improving And Accelerating Customer Service

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We all know how frustrating the experience of calling into a customer service department can be. Long hold times, the endless repetition of birth dates, previous addresses, maiden names... It's enough to make you want to avoid the whole process altogether. But the cloud--paired with technologies like speech recognition, biometrics, natural language, artificial intelligence and machine learning--is giving rise to intelligent virtual agents that are providing faster, more personalized service. Automated customer service solutions have been around for a while, but the cloud is drastically improving the model. Intelligent virtual agents can now crunch data about who you are and what you need, providing the kind of efficient feedback loop required to autonomously keep getting smarter.

What do you do with the world's most advanced supercomputer? Give it a job in a call centre, of course...

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Technology company IBM is putting its supercomputer Watson to work - in a robot call centre. The artificially intelligent computer system is taking on the role of customer service manager and will be called Watson Engagement Advisor. Companies will be able to sign up to IBM's service and its customers can then ring a helpline and complain or get help from the Question Answering (QA) machine. The IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge invited teams to design mobile apps using Watson's, pictured, cognitive computing capabilities. The 25 finalists will now submit prototypes for judging, after which only five teams will present proposals to IBM.