What impacts will quantum fintech have on mainstream finance?


The evolution of modern finance was closely linked to the evolution of computers, communications, and financial mathematics. Two main changes happened in the 1970s with the beginning of derivative trading and after the crisis of 2007 with the massive introduction of fintech. Derivatives pricing started with the celebrated Black and Scholes equation and formulas in 1974, followed by a wealth of mathematical methods to compute the prices of derivatives. Still, even the 1980s derivative pricing required supercomputers, giving big firms a major competitive advantage – before the 2007 crisis, the trading volume was close to 1 trillion dollars a day. The prevailing opinion was that derivatives had enabled us to complete financial markets so that any stream of cash flows could be engineered.

Why AI will never kill your company's need for crowdtesting


Software may be eating the world, but AI is eating software. Funding in the sector continues to soar, as it was recently revealed that venture, corporate and seed investors have poured an estimated $3.6bn into AI and machine learning. This spells good news for bosses interested in boosting user experience. The AI revolution has now come to testing, ensuring startups like DiffBlue make headlines for using AI to disrupt IT and developer tasks considered too repetitive or time-consuming. So will the concept of testing become the latest casualty of the AI revolution?

Ad network circumvents blockers to hijack browsers for cryptocurrency mining


Researchers have discovered an advertising network which has figured out a way to bypass ad blocking software in order to serve website visitors with cryptojacking scripts.

How AI will serve as a business concierge in the future


Over the past decade, B2B marketing has undergone a massive transformation. According to Forrester Research, the entire B2B sector represents more than $1 trillion in digital commerce every year, more than double the size of the B2C economy. Is artificial intelligence the rocket fuel to take us through the next decade of marketing technology? AI is not about inventing a new task or a new way of being intelligent, but simply mimicking human intelligence. Given that it's a machine doing the work, AI can be done at infinite scale since it can read and process billions of data points with perfect memory.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Web Design


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the internet world by storm. You can see proof of this with all the talk in forums and all the articles being published pertaining to the latest trend in the digital world. Personalization has been another hot topic within digital marketing. However, with so many things to do with managing your online store and getting your work-life balance straight, it can get overwhelming. AI has been applied to various industries and has improved functionality and enhanced efficiency.