Meet Flippy, a robot that 'cooks the perfect burger'

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It is a scenario that brings us one step closer to a robot run world. An artificial intelligence-driven robot has completed its first day flipping burgers at a California-based restaurant chain - and its makers claims it can'cook the perfect burger, every time'. Called Flippy, the machine is fitted with a 6-axis robotic arm, which it uses to flip burgers and place them on buns. An artificial intelligence-driven robot has completed its first day flipping burgers at a California-based restaurant chain that is said to'cook the perfect burger, every time'. Flippy is an artificial intelligence-driven robot that can flip burgers on a grill and then place them on a bung once they are done cooking.

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The result is uncanny – the robo-kitchen appears to pause and think between stages, just as a human chef would do. Yet it is not unsettling. "Many people who watch the robot have an emotional reaction to it," says Alina Isachenka, Moley's operations manager. "It was really important to make sure it wasn't scary. It would have been more cost-efficient to use a two or three-fingered gripper, but people may be scared by that – they don't want a two-fingered robot in their kitchen.

San Francisco's first automated restaurant is 'pure magic'


At San Francisco's first fully automated restaurant, meals appear in little glass cubbies, just 90 seconds after customers order and pay on wall-mounted iPads. It's a human-less experience – no waitstaff, no cashier, no one to get your order wrong and no one to tip. The moment before the meal appears, the see-through display screen that fronts the cubbies goes black for the few seconds when you might catch sight of the hand that feeds you. Eatsa has not yet achieved total automation. The company admits it employs a small kitchen staff, and one employee is present in the front of the house, answering questions about how to order and dodging questions about what's going on behind the wall of magic cubbies.

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Robots are taking over your job…and there's nothing you can do. By Amro Zakaria Abdu Human advancement throughout history can largely be credited to our ability to invent machines that increase our productivity and efficiency. Those tools allowed us to overcome the physical limitations of the human body and that of the animals we used, and as a result, territories were conquered, societies reshaped, and the dream of economic prosperity became a reality for millions. At the turn of the 19th century, the U.S. was a nation of farmers--39 percent of the population earned their livelihood through farming. The tractor was then introduced, resulting in profound changes such as the total replacement of work animals, consolidation of farms as seen in the increase in the average farm size from 60 to 200 hectares by the 1940's.

'The rise of the machines: lessons from history on how to adapt


Disruptive technologies are dictating a new future for humankind. Almost every day we hear of new advances that blur the lines between the realms of the physical, the digital and the biological. Robots are now in our operating rooms and fast-food restaurants. It's possible, using 3D imaging and stem cell extraction, to grow human bone from a patient's own cells. This tsunami of technological change is clearly challenging the ways in which we operate as a society.