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ISIL claims killing of eight police officers in Egypt

Al Jazeera

Eight police officers have been killed in a Cairo suburb, the Egyptian interior ministry said, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL, also known as ISIS). The ministry said on its official Facebook page on Sunday that four men armed with automatic weapons got out of a small pick-up truck, sprayed a police minibus with bullets and then fled. The ministry added that a lieutenant and seven low-ranking policemen in plain clothes were killed in the attack. Egyptian official news agency MENA said the police were inspecting security in the south Cairo suburb of Helwan early on Sunday. ISIL claimed the attack in a statement circulated on social media.

Kenya police break up protest against electoral body

Al Jazeera

Kenyan police have fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters who had gathered to demand the resignation of a body supervising next year's presidential elections. Hundreds demonstrated on Monday in Nairobi near the office of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). They were demanding the disbandment of the electoral body, saying it would rig the 2017 presidential elections. Al Jazeera's Catherine Soi, reporting from Nairobi, said security was tight in the Kenyan capital after the protesters were dispersed but had vowed to gather every Monday. "The protesters were led by opposition leader Raila Odinga demanding the resignation of the electoral commission as they believe there is already a plan to rig next year's general elections in the favour of the ruling party," she said.

Al-Shabab raids Kenyan police, taking bullets and guns

Al Jazeera

More than 100 members of Somalia's al-Shabab raided a police station in north-east Kenya overnight, wounding one officer and making off with arms and ammunition, according to police. The attack on Diff police station in Wajir district, close to the Somali border, happened at 2200 GMT on Friday. "Officers put up stiff resistance and fought them off despite Shabab numbering over 100 in three trucks and heavy mortar fire," Police chief Joseph Boinnet told the AFP news agency. A police source speaking on condition of anonymity said that more than 10,000 bullets and 13 AK-47 assault rifles, were stolen along with police uniforms and other items. Diff police station suffered a similar raid in April this year when three officers were wounded and a police vehicle stolen.

Greek police fire tear gas on rallying pensioners

Al Jazeera

Athens, Greece - Riot police used tear gas to disperse protesting pensioners, causing widespread outrage and forcing the government to ban the tactic in future. Thousands of pensioners took to the streets of the capital Athens and tensions boiled over as they approached the prime minister's residence. The Pensioners' Federation, which organised the march, said tempers frayed when police blocked the street on which Maximos House, the prime minister's residence, is located with buses and riot police. Television footage showed protesters rocking a police bus back and forth in an apparent effort to tip it over. "The prime minister called [Citizens' Protection Minister Nikos] Toskas and said he wants to solve this and he doesn't want tear gas used again," spokesperson Angelos Tsekeris told Al Jazeera.

Medal of Valor awarded to police officers who responded to San Bernardino terrorist attack

Los Angeles Times

Six officers who responded to the San Bernardino shooting massacre in December were among those awarded the Medal of Valor on Monday. Gen. Kamala Harris presented the medals, the highest honor California awards to public safety officials, to eight officers in a ceremony at the Capitol. "You and your families give so much to your state and your country," Harris, who is running for U.S. Senate, told the officers at the ceremony. "Through their sacrifice, their courage and their bravery, [the officers] did everything that was important and needed to be done for homeland security." Rafael Ixco and Chad Johnson of the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department were all honored for their roles in a firefight with the San Bernardino shooters.