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StradVision has raised $16.6M in total. We talked with Junhwan Kim, its CEO. How would you describe StradVision in a single tweet? StradVision is a pioneer in deep learning-based vision processing technology, providing the software that will allow Advanced Driver-Assistance Aystems (ADAS) in autonomous vehicles to reach the next level of safety, and usher in the era of the fully autonomous vehicle. How did it all start and why?

Deactivating Facebook leaves people less informed but happier, study finds

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Around the world, more than 2.3 billion people are on Facebook, actively communicating and posting and consuming on the platform, a figure that continues to grow and drive record profits, despite a barrage of privacy scandals and heightened scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers. Masses of people are not abandoning Facebook, according to the company's fourth quarter earnings, released on Wednesday. In fact, the company has reversed a troubling trend in its most important market: Facebook added users in North America for the first time all year. For Facebook fans, the benefits of using the platform are clear: It's a way to stay connected with friends, to consume news and entertainment, and, for businesses, to find potential customers and audiences. In recent years, however, researchers and consumer advocates have scrutinized what the downsides of all that growth and connectivity could mean for society and individual health and well-being.

Salesforce Expands Commerce Cloud AI Capabilities


Einstein is getting smarter in Salesforce's Commerce Cloud. Salesforce unveiled several updates to its Commerce Cloud Wednesday at the company's Las Vegas conference, Salesforce XChange, aimed at helping retailers build, manage and promote their online storefronts across channels. Salesforce had upgraded Predictive Sort, a machine-learning feature in the Commerce Cloud that previously personalized search results with product recommendations predicted to be most relevant to the end-consumer. The product ingests customer data, such as purchase history and Web behavior, to surface products that the customer will be most interested in as quickly as possible. Salesforce has ramped up this capability, expanding Predictive Sort to personalize search drop-down results and product category pages displayed on eCommerce sites.

Salesforce snaps up e-commerce provider Demandware in 2.8 billion deal


Salesforce has agreed to acquire Demandware in a deal designed to expand the firm's reach in the e-commerce market. Under the terms of the buyout, Salesforce will pay 2.8 billion for the publicly-trading company and will offer 75 per outstanding share in Demandware -- a premium on the trading price at the time of writing at 48 per share. The firm's share price increased by over three percent after the announcement was made public. San Francisco, Calif-based Salesforce is a global cloud and customer relationship manager (CRM) solutions provider which caters for approximately 150,000 small businesses and enterprise clients. The company says the acquisition "will extend the company's CRM leadership and position it to capture [the] multi-billion dollar digital commerce market with what will be the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud."

M1 clocks SG$71m net profit despite losing 80k mobile customers


Singaporean mobile carrier M1 has published its first-half financial results to June 30, revealing the loss of 80,000 mobile customers over the past year. As of the end of the period, M1 had 1.964 million total mobile customers, after losing 152,000 prepaid mobile customers down to a total of 625,000. However, M1 added 71,000 post-paid customers during the past year for a total of 1.338 million customers. Operating revenue from mobile telco services grew despite the loss in overall customers, bringing in SG$287.1 million, up from SG$278.1 million, due to post-paid net average revenue per user (ARPU) growing by 20 cents to SG$41.70 per month. Prepaid ARPU was SG$10.20, down from SG$10.80.