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Innovation means creating something new and useful. Although we associate innovation with building new products, technologies, and solutions, the term applies equally to creating new systems or processes. Innovation in thought and practice enables teams to do more and better.

9 awesome artificial intelligence and machine learning podcasts you should subscribe to


I listen to a lot of podcasts while running or in the car and a great deal of those are related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, each providing their own take on the subjects. Whether you are new or experienced, a practioner or just interested in real-world applications, there is probably a podcast that suites your needs and interests. In this blog post, I have listed the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, described what they are about and added my favorite episode. If you are new to machine learning and are looking for a podcast to pace you through its concepts, the "Machine Learning Guide" is a great place to get you started. Tackling all aspects of Machine Learning, it also provides tons of great resources for you to dive deeper on every topic.

Using smart engineering to overcome IoT complexity


June 16, 2016 Written by: Chris O'Connor The Internet of Things is changing the rules for how companies can leverage design and engineering practices to get a leg up on competitors. Smart engineering practices can help you engineer reliable, smart, connected products and systems that enable innovation in the face of complexity. These devices are bringing new and exciting possibilities into our lives, everything from changing how we commute to illuminating the way the world around us operates. At first, our only concern was about the simple things these devices did: digital displays showed us status, and then digital input enabled us to configure them. Now, devices can talk among themselves and with their maker over the cloud, enabling real-time insight.

BBC Sounds is a free podcast app designed to take on Spotify

Daily Mail - Science & tech

BBC has launched a free podcasts app to keep up with rivals like Spotify and Apple. The new player offers the chance to stream live radio from any of the BBC stations, as well as personalised recommendations for new podcasts, and curated collections around certain topics or interests. It is part of an ongoing push by the organisation to reinvent itself for'a new generation', and follows a similar blueprint to rival apps from Silicon Valley technology companies, including Apple, Spotify and Google. BBC Sounds was announced in a blog post from the broadcaster today, with the app now rolling-out to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The all-new BBC Sounds app, which is only available to UK users for now, has a focus on personalised recommendations.

IoT Skills For Developers - DZone IoT


Think about how data applies to the real world. How will data react in a distributed world? One side exists in which technical developers like SQL and Spark but as these come together need to understand streaming data, machine learning, and creating feedback loops to provide more value so the edge is continually getting better. SQL, Java, Python, distributed systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence. Understand how to collect data and learn from it.