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Importance of Software Design


Software design is the process of defining software methods, functions, objects, and the overall structure and interaction of your code so that the resulting functionality will satisfy your user's requirements. It is the method of creating a representation of the complete software components and behavior before implementing the actual software. You need to follow design principles, which will lead you to develop more robust, maintainable & flexible software. Now you might think: "I have never used designing but I have developed many software and guess what? Well, congratulations, but development is not just about making the software.

Why you need to embrace AI in your software testing


The advancements in processing power, as well as the availability and exponential increase in the size of data, have resulted in an unprecedented increase in popularity of ML. Already a large number of data-driven companies have integrated machine learning into their business processes which can be found at the heart of retail, financial as well as social media companies.

10 Ways to Improve Software Quality -


At AccessHQ, we take pride in our commitment to quality in technology. Can you think of more? Let us know; send us an email. Feel free to download and share the infographic below.

Custom Software Development - Nexus Software Development Company


The demand for business software solutions is nothing new. As quoted by Bill Gates, "The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency." Custom software development for your business can integrate most major aspects of your organization's functional processes and play an integral part in your business operation and success. It will result in productivity boost and increased revenue. We will help you develop custom software that will provide a return on investment of many times the investment in terms of time savings, cost effectiveness and risk reduction through a structured, scalable and comprehensive custom software solution.

Web App Development Company


To be trusted is the greatest compliment. In the first place, our web application services make your Dream Alive! Getting more traffic to your application is grabbing more business and to maintain the balance our squad can even go insane. We deliver a high-quality product that needs low maintenance. We will make sure our custom web development fulfills all major requirements right from Appearance, Connectivity Independence, Responsive Design, Effective Navigation, Browser Consistency, Higher User Engagement in particular.