Apple Music finally comes to Amazon Alexa with new skill update

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Amazon has brought Apple Music to Alexa smart speakers for the first time in the UK. The feature was already available in the US but is slowly rolling out across the world. It means that people are no longer limited to only Amazon Music and Spotify as ways for Alexa to play music. Apple Music will work like those same services, allowing people to ask for a song or radio station and have it play from Apple Music. We'll tell you what's true.

Cannes Lions 2016: IBM Watson and AI Activations Abound


Artificial intelligence is a major player at Cannes Lions this week. And while AI is expected to transform tech within five years, Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt assured attendees that there's little chance it will become "evil" as Hollywood films have depicted. In fact, he said, there are imminent benefits of AI. "Computer vision is now better than human vision. It means self-driving cars probably see a lot better than you, especially if you are drunk." Meanwhile, British musician and producer Brian Eno spoke about creativity and AI, defending human intelligence.

Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer


The biggest hardware and software arrival since the iPad in 2010 has been Amazon's Echo voice-controlled intelligent speaker, powered by its Alexa software assistant. But just because you're not seeing amazing new consumer tech products on Amazon, in the app stores, or at the Apple Store or Best Buy, that doesn't mean the tech revolution is stuck or stopped. They are: Artificial intelligence / machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics and drones, smart homes, self-driving cars, and digital health / wearables. Google has changed its entire corporate mission to be "AI first" and, with Google Home and Google Assistant, to perform tasks via voice commands and eventually hold real, unstructured conversations.

Machine learning is the answer to our AI dream – Softweb Solutions Inc. – Medium


We grew up watching movies like The Terminator, Star Wars, and The Matrix; weaving our AI dreams since our childhood. The term'Artificial Intelligence' was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, but it is in the recent years that AI has experienced a resurgence as we are now being introduced to its real-world applications. Today, artificial intelligence is all around us, at times we don't even realize it; all of us at some point have been assisted by Siri or Google Assistant, have heard about a self-driving car, and have definitely received product and movie recommendations from Amazon and Netflix respectively. AI is already a part of our daily lives and its realm is likely to grow in the coming years. Now, terms like'Machine Learning' and'Deep Learning' have also started gaining ground.

IBM's Watson AI creates trailer for AI movie 'Morgan'


If you haven't heard about it yet, there's a new sci-fi thriller movie coming called Morgan, which focuses on a robot with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that -- to no surprise -- rebels against its human creators. Appropriately, movie studio 20th Century Fox turned to IBM's Watson, a supercomputer AI capable of analyzing human personalities and emotions, researching cancer, and powering self-driving busses, to create its own version of the film's trailer. While the AI in Morgan quickly learns new abilities to use against human and subsequently goes out of control, IBM researchers first needed to teach Watson about movie trailers. They did this by feeding it over 100 horror movie trailers that were cut into different scenes and moments, and then allowing Watson to perform analyses on aspects such as visuals, sound, and composition in order to understand what makes up a trailer and what viewers find scary. After this, Watson was given the full movie Morgan to dissect, and managed to come up with six minutes of video featuring 10 scenes.