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Madonna and U2's manager invests in music streaming service Saavn


Legendary talent manager and Maverick CEO Guy Oseary is has invested an undisclosed amount in music streaming service Saavn. Saavn has said that Oseary, who currently manages major artists such as U2, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Amy Schumer, will be joining the company as "partner" and "investor". Saavn CEO and co-founder Rishi Malhotra said that the company was working with Oseary to "develop unique artistic collaborations". "Saavn is the leading music service in one of the world's largest and most dynamic markets. Many artists would love for their music to reach India's over 1 billion residents," Oseary said.

Spotify update will let users listen to music on demand without paying

The Independent - Tech

Spotify has launched a major overhaul of its free service, allowing people to listen to music on-demand on their phone. Until now, users of the streaming service who didn't pay could only listen to shuffled songs on the mobile version of the app. But they will now be able to listen to the songs that are in its 15 personalised playlists, which works out at about 750 tracks or 40 hours of music. The on-demand listening will come as part of a redesigned version of the Spotify app. It will give people the ability to listen on-demand to the songs in many of its biggest playlists.

Amazon's Music Service Launches With a Secret Weapon: Alexa


Alexa can already order you an Uber, control your smart home devices, and keep you company. She's about to learn much better DJ skills, save you six bucks a month on streaming music, and possibly even change the way you listen to music in your house. Amazon Music Unlimited, a beefed-up subscription service built to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, launches today. It's cheaper than those big-name services--for many users, at least--and it features clever voice control with the company's Echo speakers. If you're using Music Unlimited on an Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot, the service only costs 4 a month.

How Amazon's Alexa can help you make a fire playlist

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

From checking the latest football stats to figuring out what to pack your kid for lunch, there's a lot you can ask of your Echo. But, one of the most versatile features of the smart speakers' digital assistant, Alexa, is the ability to create a playlist. Ready to rock out in your kitchen while you prepare your next meal? Or maybe you want to lay your head down on your pillow and drift off into slumber listening to soothing bedtime tunes. Whether you're using our favorite Echo device, the Echo second-generation, or the ever-popular Echo Dot, Alexa can help you create a playlist for any time of the day.

Moods, discoveries and sharing: tips and tricks to make the most of your Spotify listening

The Guardian

How to use Spotify: hit play, ensure ears are on. There's a much deeper audio experience to be had if you take advantage of the platform's impressive functionality across its mobile and desktop versions. From turning Spotify into an alarm clock to creating communal playlists with friends, not to mention using it to learn Korean, it's worth looking into the full range of its features. Read on for our list of the best tips and tricks to make the most of Spotify. Although, yes: you will need your ears on.