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Musicals have 'least sexy music'

BBC News

Despite the current success of romantic musical La La Land, a poll has found we rate musicals as the least sexy genre of music. A survey carried out by the Symphony Hall in Birmingham found only 1% of people listen to songs from musicals in the bedroom. The genre came behind thrash metal, spiritual music such as hymns, and meditation music. The genre with the most sex appeal was R&B, followed by chart music. While it's no surprise R&B came top, it is perhaps surprising that the world of Cabaret, Chicago and Moulin Rouge polled so low.

RIP Google Play Music, Gone Too Soon


Google Play Music died last week. We've known this was coming for some time, and nothing ever happens across the entire Google user base all at once, but many bereaved Google customers are reporting a total loss of life for Google Music. For me the store is gone, speakers no longer work, the app is dead, and the website is dead. This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, reviews, and more. Ars is owned by WIRED's parent company, Condé Nast.

7 Apps to Make the Most of Your Streaming Music Subscription


There are plenty of music streaming services to choose from, and these services are inspiring a growing number of add-ons and companion apps designed to help you get even more bang for your subscription buck, either by finding new things to listen to or helping you save songs you enjoyed. That means you're not restricted to just the features inside Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, or whichever streaming platform you're signed up for, because you can use tools that run on top of these services as well to add extra features and options beyond what you get by default. Some of these tools can actually be used with any music streaming service, while others are focused on one platform in particular. Here are a few of our current favorites, which we hope you find useful. Songpocket (for iPhone and iPad) plugs right into the Music app on your phone or tablet, giving you more control over how your music is arranged.

Google Play Music will start shutting down in September


It's been a long time coming, but Google is in the final stages of shutting down its longstanding Google Play Music app and service in favor of YouTube Music. The shutdown will start in September in Australia and New Zealand, while the app will stop working in October for the rest of the world. At that point, you won't be able to stream from the Google Play Music app at all; we presume that streaming on the web will stop then as well. While Google Play Music will stop functioning sometime in October, former users will have until December of this year to transfer all their music and data out of the service. That means you can either port everything to YouTube Music or retrieve your uploaded and purchased music as well as user data through Google's Takeout tool.

Amazon's standalone music streaming service is finally here


Based on a string of rumors that began circulating in January of this year, it was only a matter of time before Amazon rolled out its fully fledged music service. And today is that day. Enter Amazon Music Unlimited, a standalone offering set to rival the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. It is, of course, a complement to Prime Music, the free streaming service for people who are part of Amazon's 99-per-year membership. Naturally, Prime subscribers get the benefit of paying less for Music Unlimited: 8 monthly compared to 10 for everyone else.