Solar panels sales slump 80% after Tory cuts

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Solar panel installations have fallen by 80 per cent, following a massive cut in Government subsidies. Families across the country have turned their back on solar energy, which saw thousands a week install panels on their roofs to cut their energy bills and sell power back to the National Grid. It comes after the Conservative government cut the tariffs providing cashback for households by 65 per cent last year. Solar panel installations have fallen by 80 per cent, following cuts in Government subsidies. Solar power had been hailed by Energy Secretary Greg Clark for creating'mini power-stations' in family homes and businesses.

IKEA now sells solar panel battery storage — and you don't have to build it yourself


The word IKEA usually brings to mind memories of endless, sweaty afternoons spent decrypting their assembly instructions to build that BILLY bookcase. But IKEA is also a synonym of Scandinavian environmental care. So it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that the company has started offering a kit of solar panels and home batteries to its customers in the UK. It includes panels integrated with existing roofing solutions provided by Solarcentur, a UK solar power company, as well as a 25-year guarantee on the panels, a six-year warranty on installation, and all of the hardware. The battery storage is designed to work along with the solar panels, but it's also offered as a standalone to add to existing home solar installations.

Future Of Energy: Solar Panel Installations Nearly Doubled In 2016, Setting Records

International Business Times

The solar energy industry installed a record 14.6 gigawatts of capacity last year, setting a record and nearly doubling the previous high set in 2015. The capacity of new solar panel installations last year increased 95 percent compared to 2015, the Research and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) announced Tuesday. New installation capacity hasn't doubled since 2011 when 1.9 gigawatts were installed, up from 0.851 gigawatts in 2010. "What these numbers tell you is that the solar industry is a force to be reckoned with," SEIA president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper said in a statement. The growth of new installation is largely attributable to falling costs.

The state of solar installers after Trump's tariff


Two days after President Donald Trump signed hefty tariffs on imported solar panels, a five-man team was hauling slabs of them up the outside of a brownstone in Brooklyn's Sunset Park.

Tesla will sell solar panels and Powerwalls at Home Depot


Just how much is the average consumer interested in solar power? Tesla is about to find out, as it is bringing photovoltaic panels and Powerwall batteries to US retail giant Home Depot, Bloomberg reports. Elon Musk's company will install Tesla-branded selling spaces at 800 locations, with its own employees on hand to explain the benefits. Later on, sources say it may also bring the much-anticipated solar roof, which generates electricity but looks and costs like a regular (high-end) roof.