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Learn all about Linux, Ubuntu, and more for just $20


Linux is the leading operating system on mainframes servers and other big systems, but it also runs on all types of embedded systems, which makes it the perfect operating system to rule the Internet of Things. Most recently, it has led the open source communities to meet President Biden's cybersecurity challenge. So if you were hoping to break into a career that would grow into the future instead of becoming obsolete, The Mastering Linux Development Bundle would be a very good place to start. Then you need to know Linux and open-source software. One of the best ways to pick them up is via a Linux Foundation course.

Linux graphical apps coming to Windows SubSystem for Linux


At the Microsoft Build 2020 virtual developers' conference, CEO Satya Nadella announced that Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2.0 would soon support Linux GUIs and applications. That day is closer now than ever before. At the recent X.Org Developers Conference (XDC), Microsoft partner developer lead Steve Pronovost revealed that Microsoft has made it possible to run graphical Linux applications within WSL. It's always been possible to run Linux graphical programs such as the GIMP graphics editor, Evolution e-mail client, and LibreOffice on WSL. You had to install a third-party X Window display server, such as the VcXsrv Windows X Server in Windows 10, and then do some tuning with both Windows and Linux to get them to work together smoothly.

Ubuntu's 'Snap' packages may be the future of software installation on every Linux PC


Snap packages can now be installed on many different Linux distributions. Snaps aim to provide a single, self-contained software package format that works on every Linux distribution. Snaps are "currently being validated" on CentOS, Elementary, Gentoo, Mint, OpenSUSE, OpenWrt, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The underlying "snapd" tool, which enables the installation and running of Snaps, can be easily ported to other Linux distributions. This makes Snap a widely supported, self-contained application installation bundle format.

Best Linux distros for beginners in 2022: You can do this!


Some people still insist that using Linux is hard. Sure, it was difficult -- when I started with the Linux desktop back in the 1990s. But that was a long time ago. Today, the easiest desktop of all, Chrome OS, is simply Linux with the Chrome web browser on top of it. The more full-featured Linux desktop distributions are as easy to use in 2021 as Windows or macOS.

How to keep your Linux PC safe from exploits


As with any big piece of software, Linux is complex, and difficult for outsiders to comprehend. That's why it's not terribly shocking that a 9-year-old Linux kernal vulnerability, known as Dirty COW, wasn't patched until just a few days ago on October 20. First off, here's a quick reminder of what Linux is: Linux is a kernel, just one piece of software in the GNU/Linux OS, with the GNU suite of tools making up the majority of the base operating system. That said, the kernel is one of the keys to the OS, allowing the software to interact with hardware. Linux's importance to servers and infrastructure means that a lot of eyes are constantly looking at the kernel.