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Kansas Senate Recommends Medicaid Inspector General

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Attorney General Derek Schmidt nominated Fertig in January after the 2017 Legislature moved the inspector general's position from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to the attorney general's office.

DDoS platform lures hackers to attack websites for points and prizes


A Turkish cyberattack group is luring individuals to join a DDoS platform to compete for points through games which can be redeemed for hacking tools. The platform, dubbed Surface Defense, asks hackers to attack political websites using a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) tool called Balyoz, translated as Sledgehammer. In order to participate, users recruited from hacking forums must download the Surface Defense collaboration software and register. The platform program then runs locally on a PC, prompting the download of the DDoS attack tool to assault the limited list of target websites. Traffic is then routed through Tor to disrupt online services.

Backdoor vulnerabilities discovered in Sony IP cameras


Researchers have discovered backdoors in Sony IPELA Engine IP cameras which could affect as many as 80 models. Cybersecurity firm SEC Consult said on Wednesday that the security flaw allows attackers to remotely execute code, hijack vulnerable cameras, disrupt device functionality, and spy on users. In addition, the backdoor grants attackers the opportunity to add compromised Sony IP cameras to botnets as slave nodes, in the same manner that cyberattackers used the IoT-based Mirai botnet to disrupt online services. The security flaw, deemed critical, lies in backdoors which allow attackers to enable the Telnet/SSH service remotely. Once this backdoor has been used, a secondary backdoor leads the way to a Linux shell with root privileges.

Exclusive: U.S. General Recommends Arming, Aiding Syrian Fighters After Pullout

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U.S. President Donald Trump confounded his own national security team, including generals like Votel, with a surprise decision to withdraw the roughly 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, declaring that Islamic State had been defeated there. The decision ran against Pentagon recommendations and helped lead to the resignation of Trump's defense secretary, Jim Mattis.

Israeli police recommend Netanyahu's indictment

Al Jazeera

Israeli police have recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery and fraud after months of investigation into two corruption cases.