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Atari 2600 fans get the revival console they deserve


If you want to play retro Atari 2600 games, you're not short of options. There's eBay for the original console of course. You can play some on mobile, or buy one of those "Flashback" all-in-ones, or splurge on the ultimate man/woman-cave table. But for those that have the original cartridges, but don't want to keep an old console on permanent life support, or tinker with modifications under the hood, your options aren't so good. Enter the RetroN 77 -- the 2600 reimagined for the modern age.

Super-Hacker Builds Atari 2600 Emulator… In Minecraft?!


SethBling, a YouTuber known for pulling off crazy hacks of popular games, might have outdone himself yet again with this one: He's gotten an Atari 2600 emulator running in Minecraft. Let's say that you're a normal person and so you have no idea what this means. An emulator is a software program that lets one computer act like another computer. That's how we can play Super Mario Bros. on an NES Classic; the hardware is pretending to be an NES. Minecraft, the block-building creativity game, has an item called a Command Block, which allows players to enter and execute rudimentary code instructions.

The Morning After: Wednesday, June 14th 2017


Welcome to the middle of the week. It was Nintendo's turn to dominate E3, the world's biggest gaming show. Super Mario Odyssey is coming to the Switch this October, Intel is making VR better and the Atari 2600 is back. The sequel the series deserves is coming to Nintendo Switch. 'Metroid' is really, truly back We thought Nintendo's E3 showcase would center entirely on Super Mario Odyssey, but it had another bombshell for us.

Nintendo Switch taste test?

FOX News

I expected a lot of tests to be performed on the Nintendo Switch this week in the run up to its launch, but a taste test was not one of them. More specifically, those in possession of a Switch and games are tasting the game cartridges. And apparently they taste horrible, to the point where you want to but can't forget the nasty taste left in your mouth. Why any adult would want to place an expensive game cartridge in their mouth is beyond me, but this is a Nintendo console, meaning children will be handling the cartridges. Responding to an enquiry made by Kotaku, Nintendo explained it is well aware of this and decided to try and help parents out by deterring kids from putting the cartridges in their mouths and potentially accidentally ingesting them.

Atari shows its non-functional 'VCS' console prototype at GDC 2018


Last June, venerated gaming company Atari announced that it was making a comeback. Specifically, that it would be jumping back into the console market with a retro-style entertainment system it dubbed at the time, the Ataribox. Eleven months later, we can finally see the results of the company's IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign: say hello to the 2600-inspired Atari VCS. Unfortunately, we still don't know all that much about the console itself as the company has remained tight-lipped about its prototype product. Atari promised that the VCS will retail for around $300, will play both classic Atari games as well as modern content, and that pre-orders for the console will begin in April 2018.