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These Are the Best TVs You Can Buy For Under 500

TIME - Tech

Those in the market for a new television should remember that nothing reveals the dazzling clarity, color and definition of a truly high-quality TV more dramatically than sports programming. At SpecOut, we compiled a list of the best TVs priced under 500. To do this, we looked at TVs released in 2014, 2015 or 2016. Each entry has at least one expert review, and we made sure to include different series to avoid listing TVs models that are identical with the exception of screen size. All, of course, are priced under 500.

How to use split-screen mode in Android Nougat


At long last, Android has native support for split-screen mode. It's a feature that's long long been enjoyed by those who use high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Google's implementation in Nougat stands on Samsung's shoulders, offering an easy-to-use and flexible mode for doing two things at once. Our examples come from a Nexus device, so you'll just need to pay attention if your navigation buttons are on your device's bezel. To launch split-screen mode, you need to have one app open.

How To Screen Record On iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iOS 11 Devices

International Business Times

Apple's iOS 11 lets users record what's happening on the screen of their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Turn your laptop into a portable, multi-screen work station


TL;DR: Need more screen space? As of June 16, get the Ofiyaa Dual Screen Display for $249.99 (16% off) or the Ofiyaa Triple Screen Display for $399.99 (19% off). Getting an extra monitor doesn't necessarily have to mean you have to take up double the space on your desk. With the Ofiyaa Dual Screen Display, you can turn a single screen into a portable, dual-screen workspace. The Ofiyaa attaches to your laptop directly and extends out into a second screen seamlessly. The multiple display modes let you choose to display either the same content on both screens or use them for different windows.

LG's Wing is a weird, surprisingly practical smartphone


When it comes to offering more screen real estate on a smartphone, manufacturers have two options: either go with a flexible display à la Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2, or attach a secondary screen like the LG Velvet. While the latter is obviously the easier (and cheaper) option, both implementations have a common problem: multi-tasking only works well when both apps are in portrait orientation, due to the design of most apps. This can be a big problem. If I watch YouTube and Netflix videos in landscape, but then load Twitter or Facebook on the bottom half of the phone, these would be stretched wide, making it difficult to read text or view images. This is where the LG Wing 5G's bizarre swivel-screen design comes in, and having used a pre-production unit for about a week (and having used both the Velvet and the Galaxy Fold), this is by far my favorite multi-screen phone yet. Long before foldable phones and dual-screen phones became a thing, there were feature phones predominantly in Asia that came with this type of screen -- albeit a tiny one with a 4:3 aspect ratio -- to serve markets that offered mobile digital TV services, such as South Korea's DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and Japan's 1seg.