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Apple Sent Two Men to My House. No, They Weren't Assassins.

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Tom returned alone on Sunday to collect the data logs, and to clear my laptop of any evidence he'd been there.* While we waited for files to transfer, we finally got to geek out a little, which was something I'd admittedly been looking forward to. Although friendly the day before, Tom was of course very focused, and he didn't even mention the Missile Command pint glass in which I'd given him some water. On Sunday, however, he talked more freely. We discussed pets, and work, and horror movies, both agreeing that John Carpenter's The Thing may be the finest ever made.

How Deadly Assassin Bugs Sneak Up on Spiders

National Geographic

Scientists discover how hungry giraffe assassin bugs muffle their rampage through a web to grab the unwitting occupant. The poorly known giraffe assassin bug turns the tables on spiders: by eating them. Armed with fangs, venom, and exquisitely acute senses, spiders are the supreme predators of the creepy-crawly world. But they're no match for a killer bug that can outwit a spider's powers of vigilance, new experiments show. Giraffe assassin bugs have learned to squelch the vibrations they make as they tear through webs to reach their eight-legged prey, according to a study published in this week's Royal Society Open Science.

'Assassins' Game Returns, Sparking Concern Among Adults

U.S. News

"Both as a parent and as a school administrator, I have many concerns about the students involved in this game," said Zimmerman. "Mostly, I fear someone is going to be badly hurt, or that an accident will occur as a result of participating in the game. While we cannot control who participates in the game off campus during non-school hours, we can do our part as a school to educate our students and parents about the negative implications of participating in the game.

Hitman Go: An assassin game that dials down the violence

Washington Post - Technology News

Hitman Go is a mobile interpretation of the popular assassin video game series Hitman. Like its source material, it requires players to use wit and skill to take out their targets without getting caught. Unlike the original game, players don't inhabit the body of the assassin protagonist -- instead, they move pieces around on a board-game-like map. It literally gives you a different perspective on the situation. When you successfully take out a target, it moves to the side of the board.

Save on tons of games during PlayStation's July savings event


TL;DR: Another PlayStation Store sale has just kicked off as of July 9 -- save on a wide selection of games during the July savings event here. PlayStation is back again with yet another sale -- is it just us, or is one of these happening like every other week now? For PlayStation's July savings event, tons of games (almost 250 of them) are heavily discounted, including plenty of bundles for entire franchises. Take a look at our highlights from the offerings below, and you can also check out the entire sale page here. Bloodborne Complete Edition Bundle -- $17.49 (was $34.99)