Google tests Material Design makeover for Google search on the desktop


Google started testing a Material Design makeover on YouTube earlier this year, and now it's doing the same for the company's search engine on the desktop. A small set of Google users noticed their Google introduced Material Design in June 2014, saying in a blog post that the new aesthetic would be "one consistent design that spans devices across mobile, desktop, and beyond." YouTube's Material Design makeover is currently in testing. The change will be noticeable to longtime Google users, but at the same time the new design is more about subtle tweaks than drastic changes.

Google tests a cleaner look for Search


The change isn't exactly monumental: Google Search has always returned results in a grid, so the basic layout is functionally identical to the current one. The biggest change is a visual one: the background in the test is a light gray, and individual search results are boxed in white with a small drop shadow to imply elevation. Another major change is to the informative modules that Google shows for certain terms. Typing "Run The Jewels," for example, would bring up a list of search results accompanied by a card displaying information on the musicians and upcoming events on the right. In the new layout, this card is shown inline, before the regular search results.

Successful Digital Marketing For Restaurants


Running a restaurant in today's digital world can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned restaurant owner. The explosive growth of social media and smartphones allows your target audience to see and criticize your every move. Yelp certainly doesn't help matters by allowing everyone โ€“ particularly millennials โ€“ the opportunity to shred your business without any validation because they didn't have a "DopeAF" time. Operating a restaurant has become as much about playing defense as it is about providing great food and atmosphere. This is why a savvy digital marketing strategy is critical to increasing revenue.

4 reasons why I switched from Google to Bing


Three years ago, I switched from Google search to Bing. No longer do I Google something; I Bing it. And I haven't looked back since. Maybe you're considering doing the same, either over ire about the recent diversity-memo controversy, or some other aspect of the search giant that has rubbed you the wrong way. Here are some points to consider.

5 Smart Ways To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Search


Have you pondered the fact recently that less than 20 years ago there were no smartphones and the entire web was used only by desktop owners? The rapid development of mobile devices over the last ten years has changed the online landscape greatly. According to statistics found by StatCounter Global Stats in 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage now exceeds desktop usage worldwide. The primary reason for using mobile devices is, of course, their convenience โ€“ they're usually right within our reach. Next comes privacy and price.