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This may be the worst homework anyone could give to a kid


As you may recall from your elementary school years, homework assignments dished out to kids aren't always well thought. While some assignments are able to stump parents, this sheet that was apparently assigned to first graders is just asking for trouble. The kids are supposed to create a word that ends with "uck." Regardless, there are only so many letters in the alphabet, and eventually, some kid is going to choose "f" or "c" to fill in the blank.

Little kid uses and abuses Alexa for his math homework


One mother, Yerelyn Cueva, recently caught her son Jariel using Alexa to do his math homework. What else is Alexa for except to perform the most basic operations we could otherwise complete ourselves? SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama's letter to her younger self is so tender it has broken me Give the kid credit -- subtraction isn't easy, and at least he's not asking Alexa to add two plus two. Amazon reported selling "tens of millions" of Echo devices in 2018. So expect this homework-cheating crisis to grow, not contract, in the upcoming years.

Third grader has no time for your silly homework nonsense


You head home after a rough day of say, third grade, sit down to watch your favorite cartoon with your favorite snack, trying to wash away thoughts of gym class, gross school lunch and rejection from your first crush and then...your heart sinks. You remember that you still have to write a stupid book report about the The Boy Who Cried Wolf. You could take the time to actually do your homework properly, with correct spelling, details and accuracy. My friend teaches 3rd grade. This kid has a bad case of the Mondays.

Teacher's awesome 'homework' assignment makes her an Internet hero


LONDON – Revising for texts and exams can be a stressful business. This week in Britain, 10- and 11-year-old students will be sitting their Year 6 SATs tests. These tests – the final ones kids sit before leaving Primary School – have come under fire recently. A recent survey found that 90% of children felt a pressure to do well (and over a quarter of children surveyed described themselves as "stressed" by upcoming exams), while a parent-led campaign called "LET our KIDS be KIDS" kept thousands of children out of school for the day last week in protest. In the run-up to SATs, Mrs Thom of Buckleberry Primary School in Reading set her class some homework to get them prepared -- but it probably wasn't what they were expecting.

Kid writes own wise proverbs for homework assignment


On a homework assignment posted to Reddit (that was, admittedly, probably designed to elicit funny answers), this kid wrote some of the wisest proverbs we have ever beheld. Truly, these are DJ Khaled-level life lessons. Let's break a few of these down. "Don't put all your eggs in there" is great advice no matter what -- it's always great to have extra eggs in multiple locations. People in glass houses must be rich, because they are always paying for new houses when the old ones shatter.