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At HIMSS20, Optum sees AI, especially in administration, as paramount


Artificial intelligence will be blanketing the HIMSS20 conference and exhibition. It will be everywhere, in educational sessions and across the vast exhibit hall floor. Health IT vendor Optum stresses to HIMSS20 attendees that AI is of paramount concern today. That the complex set of technologies can achieve quite a lot on the administrative side and on the clinical side. Though perhaps it's best to stress the administrative first.

Amazon Web Services at HIMSS20: Three key trends to watch


Amazon Web Services (AWS) will have a large presence at the big HIMSS20 event (Booth 858), and it will be discussing a variety of technologies and issues with attendees. Among other things, AWS will be discussing three trends it has identified as important for HIMSS20 attendees: predicting patient health events, personalizing the consumer health journey, and promoting interoperability in healthcare. AWS says there is a renaissance in healthcare as more of its clients leverage machine learning technologies to uncover new ways to enhance patient care, improve health outcomes and, ultimately, save lives. "As the country moves toward value-based care, artificial intelligence and machine learning, paired with data interoperability, will improve patient outcomes while driving operational efficiency to lower the overall cost of care," said Dr. Shez Partovi, director of worldwide business development for healthcare, life sciences and genomics at AWS. "By enabling data liquidity securely and supporting healthcare providers with predictive machine learning models, clinicians will be able to seamlessly forecast clinical events, like strokes, cancer or heart attacks, and intervene early with personalized care and a superior patient experience." An example of work like this already underway is a machine learning model developed by Cerner and AWS that predicts congestive heart failure up to 15 months before clinical manifestation.

In 2020, AI will aid administrators and CISOs will refresh internal security


As healthcare provider organizations confront the steep challenge of securely and efficiently bridging the digital gaps among various technology systems, many are looking to cloud technologies that empower interoperability, marry healthcare information systems with AI, and ensure the privacy and security of patient data. With this in mind, Healthcare IT News turned to Concord Technologies, a cloud fax and document process automation company (it will be in booth 634 at HIMSS20 in March), to look ahead at 2020 and identify three trends with AI-based cloud fax technology. The CAQH Index shows a $9.8 billion savings opportunity for the healthcare industry by reducing the administrative burden found in eligibility and benefit verification, prior authorization, claim submission, coordination of benefits or a crossover claim, claim status inquiry, claim payment, and remittance advice. CAQH is a non-profit alliance of health plans and trade associations developing and leading initiatives designed to positively impact the business of healthcare. In 2020, AI-enabled technologies will transform administrative workflows across digital channels, reducing administrator and clinician burnout and improving overall staff satisfaction, said John Harrison, senior vice president at Concord Technologies.

Google Cloud says HIMSS20 attendees should eye AI, interoperability and security


There will be many technologies, strategies and trends discussed at HIMSS20 in March. But which are most important? Which deserve the time and attention of healthcare CIOs and other leaders? Healthcare IT News spoke with Dr. Joe Corkery, director of product, healthcare and life sciences, at Google Cloud (Booth 3729), to get his expert view of the health IT terrain. He identified what he says are three very important trends and technologies for HIMSS20: AI in healthcare, data interoperability, and data security and privacy.

AI, wearables, interoperability new products at HIMSS19


Health IT vendors galore have been introducing new products this week at HIMSS19. Here is another selection of some of the announcements. AMAX, a global artificial intelligence, deep learning and enterprise IT technology vendor, has launched its AI/Deep Learning Compute Cluster systems and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platforms for the healthcare industry. The company's AI/Deep-Learning Compute Cluster systems for healthcare are optimized for research, development and large-scale deployments in data centers. Systems address the increasing demand for fully integrated high-performance compute and GPU accelerated compute as well as high-performance storage specific to healthcare applications that are based on AI and deep learning, the company explained.