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Dr. Oz wants to sell you a heart-monitoring smartwatch


Perennial snake oil salesman Dr. Oz has found a new way to take your make money: a wearable. The press release promises the iBeat Life Monitor is "lifesaving" smartwatch that "empowers people to live longer lives." The big difference here versus offerings from, say, Apple or Withings, is that the iBeat apparently monitors your heartbeat nonstop, and, in the event of a "life-threatening heart emergency," the wearable will contact relatives, friends and medical professionals. It's also fully cellular, replete with built-in GPS, so there's no need to connect it to your smartphone. However, there is a monthly service plan priced at 200 a year.

Apple Watch Series 4 Could Feature Advanced EKG To Prevent Heart Attacks

International Business Times

A new report is claiming that the upcoming Apple Watch installments following this year's Apple Watch Series 3 could come with advanced EKG heart monitors. The new feature is expected to help identify heart abnormalities and hamper the occurrence of a heart attack or stroke.

Remember when the Apple watch was about fashion and function? Now it's for fitness and health

Los Angeles Times

Apple Inc. is expected to showcase its latest iPhone on Tuesday in a much-hyped product unveiling held for the first time at the Steve Jobs Theater at its Cupertino, Calif., campus. Remember when the Apple watch was about fashion and function? After launching as a watch intended to assist with productivity (and supposedly help you look stylish while doing so), Apple appears to be reframing its timepiece as a health and fitness gadget.

Multiple Apple Watch rivals from Amazfit are on sale at Amazon


Save up to 17%: A handful of Amazfit fitness tracker models are $10 to $20 off at Amazon as of Feb. 3. Save on the Amazfit Bip S, Amazfit GTS, and Amazfit T-Rex. Apple recently released expected numbers revealing just how many people said "screw it" and splurged on an Apple Watch during this time at home. It makes sense -- we're all sniffing for a crumb of motivation to stay active. But if you never had an interest in owning an Apple Watch until social distancing hit, it's a sign that your $300 or $400 could be better spent elsewhere. However, you can still indulge your itch to stay fit with a smartwatch from Amazfit, many of which are on sale at Amazon.

Apple details new heart-tracking features for Watch


Apple is expanding the health-monitoring features of its Watch line with a focus on the heart. The Apple Watch is getting an improved heart-rate monitoring system that allows users to raise their wrists to see their heart rates, among a raft of other new features. The Watch will also notify wearers if their heart rate jumps up when they're not actually exercising, potentially signaling a problem. Apple wants the Watch to be able to detect common heart conditions such as atrial fibrilation, which affects tens of millions of people and often goes undiagnosed. To this end, Apple is partnering with clinicians at Stanford for a study to determine whether the Watch can accurately detect abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias, in wearers.