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The dad who found out he wasn't his kids' biological father

BBC News

Mr Mason's ex-wife has been ordered to pay him £250,000 for paternity fraud, but the legal case has allowed her to keep the identity of the real father a secret.

How I found my biological mother

BBC News

Andre Kuik was four months old when he was adopted by a Dutch family, 40 years later he is flying back to Indonesia to meet his birth mother.

ATP as a biological hydrotrope


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) has well-characterized roles in providing energy for biochemical reactions within cells. Patel et al. find that ATP may also enhance protein solubility, which could help explain why such high concentrations of ATP are maintained in cells (see the Perspective by Rice and Rosen). Protein concentrations in cells can exceed 100 mg/ml. The authors found that ATP at concentrations found in cells could act as a hydrotrope to help solubilize hydrophobic proteins. The results raise the possibility that ATP concentrations could influence processes such as protein aggregation that occur in disease or liquid-liquid phase separations that occur within cells.

Having children may add 11 years to a woman's biological age

New Scientist

Women who have given birth seem to have hallmarks of faster biological ageing than those that don't – and the difference is equivalent to around 11 years. That's what Anna Pollack and her colleagues at George Mason University, Virginia, found when they looked at one measure of biological ageing. The team looked at the length of telomeres – chunks of DNA that cap the ends of chromosomes.

Researchers grow protective biological soil crusts

U.S. News

It took eight weeks for Bowker and his team to grow a spoonful of biocrust into enough to spread across an 8-inch diameter circle, much faster than natural restoration that can last anywhere from years to centuries. They have transplanted crusts in New Mexico, Montana and Utah.