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Snag this minimalist sewing machine on sale for less than $40


Between the folks churning out face masks and the ones so bored they learned to sew, sewing machines have been flying off the shelves. Even Walmart, which isn't exactly known for its craft supplies, reported massive sales in recent months. If you somehow missed out on the trend, but still want to start stitching, we've got a great deal for you: this 12-Stitch Electric Desktop Sewing Machine on sale for less than $40. Perfect for the new DIY enthusiast looking to fix up some old clothes or try their hand at basic sewing projects, this desktop machine is simple and affordable. It's no Janome or Brother, but it'll still get the job done for the curious crafter. It has double thread sewing, neat, and straight stitch, has two speeds you can easily flip between, plus a lighting lamp, thread cutter, and automatic thread winding.

How Home Sewing Personalized Fashion

The Atlantic - Technology

I am on the short side of petite, so clothes shopping is often a problem. But my mother, a gifted seamstress, always came to the rescue with her round, gold sewing tin with the red-and-green, mid-century starbursts on it. She'd instruct me to climb up on the dining room table so she could hem pants that puddled at my ankles and skirts that dangled unfashionably past my knees. These and other alterations--nipping in the waist, adding invisible snaps to unruly blouses, or lifting out wads of shoulder padding--turned my off-the-rack wardrobe into made-to-measure couture tailored just for me. Today, advances in the way we make clothes have spread from the garment industry to the home.

This $25 handheld sewing machine is great for quick fixes, easy stitches


How much clothing have you tossed out, shoved in the back of a drawer, or forgot about simply because of a small rip, broken hem, or torn pocket? But pulling out your grandmother's bulky old sewing machine that you barely know how to use isn't exactly convenient. While it looks sort of like a stapler and has a silly-sounding name, the Handy Dandy Portable Sewing Machine really is handy and dandy. It's designed to reach many of the places you can't and do the quick repairs you normally would let fall by the wayside. It runs on AA batteries and is easy to operate, even for the non-sewer, is quiet, suitable for all fabrics, and doesn't require any time-consuming needle-threading.

This Singer sewing machine is $70 off


SAVE $70: As of Dec. 27, the Singer Sylist Computerized Sewing Machine is only $229.99 -- that's $70 off its usual price. The easy setup, massive stitch selection, and accessory collection make this a great choice for beginners to expand their creative possibilities. The humble sewing machine exploded in popularity during 2020 from a mix of necessity (sewing face masks) and boredom (being stuck at home). If you missed out on the trend or just finally found a reason to take on a new creative endeavor, you don't need to empty your savings. There are plenty of deals waiting for you.

Janome to release smartphone-controlled sewing machine

The Japan Times

Janome Sewing Machine Co. said it will launch a sewing machine for embroidery that can be controlled from smartphones and tablets. It will be the world's first sewing machine that can be controlled by smartphone, the company based in Hachioji, Tokyo, said Wednesday. The small IJ521 can create embroideries up to 102 sq. Using a dedicated app called dot Customizer, users can pick from a selection of 260 designs and choose the size they want. The product will be available at major electronics retailers nationwide from Aug. 27.