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Whether you're new to Active Directory (AD) or a savvy system administrator looking to brush up on your skills, Active Directory for Dummies, 2nd Edition will steer you in the right direction! Since its original release, Microsoft's implementation of the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) for the Windows Server line of networking software has become one of the most popular directory service products in the world. If you are involved with the design and support of Microsoft directory services and/or solutions, you really need this book! You'll understand the basics of AD and utilize its structures to simplify your life and secure your digital environment. You'll discover how to exert fine-grained control over groups, assets, security, permissions, and policies on a Windows network and efficiently configure, manage, and update the network.

How to check that given directory exist or not using R?


It will list all the directories under the current working directory. Else if you want to create the directory if not present then as @jalFaizy mentioned you can manipulate dir.create() to check if a directory exists and creating it; if not present . I am attaching the code to do so.

12 Essential File System Functions You Should Know In Python - Analytics India Magazine


The effectiveness of a product especially software, relies on how organised the basic building blocks are. With Python being used for all complex mathematical and machine learning processes, the aspect of file finding and handling might seem trivial or unattractive from the birds eye view. But documentation becomes crucial when the content of the product has to be worked on by a different team. For instance, specific file documentations– these are usually generated through a third party script which will parse a file and, based on the comment blocks, will create an explicit PDF. Afterwards there should be information regarding the code repository, where the file updates are found, and where they need to be moved.