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Microsoft announces October 2 event: New Surface devices inbound?


Microsoft has scheduled an event in New York City on Oct. 2, where the company is expected to release new Surface devices. Officially, the event is scheduled to update journalists on "how Microsoft is continuing to think about empowering every person on the planet to achieve more." But it's expected to include the launch of one and probably multiple Surface devices--though not a Surface phone. It also may include some updates to Microsoft's services, almost certainly including the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. While competitors like Apple, Dell, and HP tend to update their flagship notebook lines on an annual basis, Microsoft has been a bit more infrequent.

Microsoft's October 2 Fall Event: What to expect


Rumors that Microsoft was planning some kind of Surface event this fall were circulating for months. That event takes place on October 2 in New York City. Lately, Microsoft has been talking more in terms of "solutions," meaning hardware plus software plus services, rather than devices by themselves. So, I'm betting there will be news about Windows, Office, and other Microsoft products and services at this event, too. It simply says "a moment of your time" and doesn't include any image or other information.

Microsoft preps for October Windows event

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Microsoft has an event on October 26 to show off "what's next for Windows 10." (Photo: Microsoft) The last two months has already seen big events from Apple and Google. On Friday, the computer giant sent out invites to its own special event on October 26 in New York City. Not much is revealed from the invite, which features a window looking out onto the city with the text "imagine what you'll do" written facing the outside world, though the company is teasing it will be showing off "what's next for Windows 10." Microsoft has used October events in recent users to showcase its latest hardware offerings, last year unveiling the Surface Pro 4 tablet, Surface Book laptop as well as a few Windows Mobile phones. Past rumors have pointed to the company debuting an all-in-one Surface desktop similar to Apple's iMac line as well as Surface mouse and keyboard accessories. While possible, signs point to Microsoft not doing any major update to the Surface Pro or Surface Book here.

Check out the next Microsoft Surface Pro — just don't call it the 5


Microsoft is slated to unveil its latest version of the Surface Pro line next Monday during an event in Shanghai -- but counter to (some) expectations, the reveal won't be an upgraded Pro 5 model of the hybrid PC. The company will instead debut the Surface Pro, period. It appears to be more of a refresh to the line than a true successor, echoing leaked reports from those who've seen time with the device, who called it the "Surface 4.5." Respected leaker Evan Blass of Venture Beat obtained the first photos that purportedly show the Surface Pro, along with the news of the simplified moniker. The resetting of the Pro's naming convention, which brings it under the same auspice of Apple's MacBook Pro line, was teased earlier this month by Microsoft's Surface devices chief Panos Panay, who said "There's no such thing as a Pro 5." He admitted a complete overhaul to the Pro wasn't in the works, and the new name should give them a little more room for incremental updates.

The Morning After: Thursday October 27th 2016


Microsoft's big Surface showcase was aimed at creators and those of us interested in getting some new Redmond-made Windows 10 hardware. It was less about Office and more about 3D photography and, well, crazy physical "Dials" you can attach to your PC screen. Remember, Apple's big MacBook event kicks off today as well -- check our liveblog here at 1 PM Eastern. The crown jewel of today's Microsoft event was the Surface Studio, an all-in-one with a slender display and a silky-smooth hinge. That's not to mention Microsoft's Surface Dial, a puck that you can attach to the screen to dial through functions and shades, depending on which program you're using.