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PwC rated as a Leader in Artificial Intelligence Consultancies by Independent Research Firm


PwC announced that it was cited as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: AI Consultancies, Q1 2021. In the report, Forrester notes that "AI consultancy customers should look for providers that: Commenting on PwC, the report states that: "The PwC backstory has two facets -- client transformations and its own. PwC helps transform client businesses, but its own transformation is part of its story. PwC doubled down on its own upskilling and IP-building platform and then launched this for clients. One-off simulation projects are now scaled offerings for strategic planning, operations, and continuous scaling of business models. Even strategic innovation partnerships are points of excellence; one client specifically selected PwC because of the consultancy's relationship with Carnegie Mellon."

GorillaLogic acquires Texas consultancy


Software development consulting firm Gorilla Logic Inc. has absorbed Austin, Texas-based information technology design consultancy Modernist Studio Inc. "Historically, clients come to us with their vision and we provide the know-how to build it. Modernist Studio joining Gorilla Logic gives us the ability to offer a much more complete set of product and software services -- ideate, innovate, design, build, and deliver. This span of services truly differentiates us in a growing market," Gorilla Logic CEO Daniel Berg said in a statement. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Modernist CEO Matthew Franks will join the GorillaLogic executive team and remain in charge of the Texas operation, according to a company news release.

Mentorship & Consultancy


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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Chatbot that Actually Works?


Ask any seller of a highly complex and customizable chatbot or virtual agent system about cost and you're likely to get an evasive answer. 'There's no one-size fits all.' 'I'd need to talk to you on the phone to give you an accurate quote.' Increasingly, in this ever-saturating market, it's easy to find elements of chatbot pricing (i.e., API request fees) or flat monthly subscription costs for low-end systems, but who is giving the educated bot buyer a clear, top to bottom view of what it costs to build a system that will really work? By'really work,' I mean one that will materially contribute to cost savings, improve customer satisfaction, and maybe even generate new revenue. In other words, how much is it realistically going to cost to build a bot your customers will actually want to use. The truth is, building a successful chatbot is not purely a question of technology.