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UnitedHealthcare Motion adds Samsung, Garmin wearables to wellness mix


UnitedHealthcare will integrate Samsung and Garmin wearables into its Motion wellness program via a Qualcomm subsidiary.

Peloton launches Peloton Corporate Wellness, expands into hybrid work


Peloton said it is launching a corporate wellness program for companies operating in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany, with plans to roll out in Australia later in 2021. The connected fitness company has been branching out into new areas after demand surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, Peloton bought Precor to improve its supply chain and gain access to brick-and-mortar gym equipment. A foray into treadmills resulted in a recall and fourth quarter charge. In addition, Peloton is facing competition on multiple fronts.

Fitbit secures corporate wellness deals with several major customers


Fitbit on December 21 announced it has secured deals to introduce or expand its corporate wellness programs with several major customers, including New York Life, Pitney Bowes, SAP, and Sharp Healthcare. Fitbit organized all of its corporate wellness products and services under one umbrella, Fitbit Group Health, earlier this year. Fitbit Group Health includes access to Fitbit trackers, custom e-commerce storefronts, wellness challenges, and tracking and reporting services. In addition to working with Fitbit Group Health to tailor fitness programs for their employees' needs, some of these customers will be offering discounts for employees' friends and family members who want to join in. When SAP first partnered with Fitbit this year, it subsidized Fitbits for their employees and offered discounted devices for friends and family.

12 ways health insurers are ramping up digital


UnitedHealthcare will use a new tablet-based screening program to assess social determinants of health needs for its members on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Funded by a five-year, $4.5 million federal Accountable Health Communities grant, UnitedHealthcare will have its members self-assess their needs on tablets at several clinical sites. UnitedHealthcare is further supporting the program with an additional $6.4 million investment, and patients do not need to be enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare Medicare or Medicaid managed care program to participate. "This award will enable UnitedHealthcare and our clinical partners to identify the needs of some of our most vulnerable residents and connect them to community-based organizations that can help them live healthier lives," says Katherine Keir, UnitedHealthcare Hawaii state director. To learn more, read the article here.