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Lebanon elections: New electoral law draws concern

Al Jazeera

Lebanon has gone to the polls on Sunday, but not only is this the first parliamentary election in nine years, it is the first test of a new electoral law that is supposed to give new candidates a better shot.

Congo Election Set for Dec 2018: Electoral Commission Chief

U.S. News

Repeated delays to the poll, originally scheduled for late 2016, have triggered unrest and raised fears the central African nation could slip back into the conflicts that killed millions around the turn of the century, mostly from hunger and disease.

No Congo Election Until Mid-2019, Says Electoral Commission

U.S. News

KINSHASA (Reuters) - A long-delayed election in Democratic Republic of Congo to replace President Joseph Kabila cannot take place until at least April 2019, the electoral commission said, a schedule certain to enrage opponents who say Kabila is clinging to power.

Zimbabwe Presidential Election Results Expected From Thursday: Electoral Commission

U.S. News

"It depends with whether those who disagree with something would like to use legal remedies but sometime tomorrow we should be able to advise you what time we can, if any, start announcing the presidential election results," election commission chair Priscilla Chigumba told reporters.

Honduras' Electoral Court Declares President Election Winner

U.S. News

President Juan Orlando Hernandez was declared the winner Sunday of Honduras' disputed election after three weeks of uncertainty and unrest in which at least 17 people died in protests amid allegations of vote fraud from the opposition.