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Fidor partners with Finn AI to launch an AI-powered chatbot for banks


Chatbots can provide a much needed boost to customer experience. In banks, for example, the technology has been increasingly deployed to help serve the ever-mobile consumer. The latest banking chatbot to enter the market has been created by FinTech pioneer Fidor, the digital banking group. It has been designed in collaboration with Finn AI, the the AI-powered conversational banking technology provider. Jake Tyler, CEO of Finn AI, said: "Our conversational AI platform is designed exclusively for banks. By working closely with financial institutions around the world, Finn AI has been able to build an impressive and proprietary platform. Our partnership with Fidor reflects our mutual commitment to continually innovate within the financial sector."

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FreshLime is building a next-generation customer engagement platform for locally-focused businesses. It is a multi-channel platform that gathers data from marketing, point of sale, and customer data, enabling merchants to develop and implement targeted marketing campaigns to increase customer spend and frequency. Rasa Technologies provides the standard infrastructure layer for developers to build, improve, and deploy better AI assistants. The Company offers an open-source machine learning tools for developers to create contextual text and voice-based chatbots and assistants. Rasa Technologies serves customers in the United States and Germany.

Fidor partners with Finn AI in conversational banking


Munich, 14th February 2019 – Today, FinTech pioneer Fidor, a leading digital banking group is announcing its new banking chatbot, designed in collaboration with Finn AI, the world's leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider. This development distinguishes Fidor as one of the first digital banking service providers to embed a virtual assistant within its technology stack. Bank customers will benefit from a market-ready digital bank platform with pre-integrated conversational AI, including deep machine learning capabilities and natural language understanding. The conversational bot is part of Fidor's strategy to accelerate the adoption of AI, Machine Learning and Robotisation in banking when relevant to the customer. The company is renowned as an early adopter when it comes to innovation, new technologies developed in-house or through partnerships thanks to its API-based platform.

Enable Personalized Banking Through Conversational AI - IPsoft


If you manage technology for a consumer bank you've probably invested time and energy researching conversational banking solutions. You've probably discovered a host of simple chatbot solutions that provide scripted responses to a pre-determined set of highly predictable questions. With these chatbots, deviation from a roster of standard FAQs means human intervention is required to complete an inquiry or task. And this has likely led you to ask a very logical question: What good is a chatbot solution if it doesn't dramatically limit the extent of human labor required to better serve your customers? Fortunately, voice and text-based conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions driven by cognitive intelligence enable banks to provide personalized, informed interactions.