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'Genshin Impact' Is Too Good To Be a 'Zelda Clone'


Genshin Impact is better than it has any right to be. Written off as a free-to-play anime reskinning of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the fantasy role-playing game doesn't make the best first impression. It's got the cloying gacha mechanics you'd expect from a mobile RPG, although it's also on PC and PlayStation 4. In a clear bid for otaku dollars, Genshin Impact boasts harems of playable waifus and husbandos to whet players' thirst. Yet Wednesday, Genshin Impact claimed the title of the largest international launch of any Chinese game, ever. It's deserved--and only took a few hours of playing to see why.

Genshin Impact: the video game that's slowly taking over the world

The Guardian

Genshin Impact seems to have come from nowhere. A month ago nobody knew what it was; now ads for it are plastered all over the New York subway and it's the talk of gaming Twitter. It has raked in more than $100m (£75m) in its first two weeks, placing it among the Chinese games industry's most successful forays into the global scene. That's because it's a pretty good game that looks, sounds and feels expensive, but is available for free – at least at face value. Like Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – which it heavily resembles, at least on a surface level – Genshin Impact is an action-packed role-playing game with a huge world, chock-full of gorgeous vistas to explore by running, climbing and gliding.

9 apps that made staring at screens less of a nightmare in 2020


With the majority of the world at least strongly encouraged to stay inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our phones became our lifelines, even more than usual. Whether you used your iPhone or Android phone to watch movies, video chat with friends, or make the hours evaporate with addictive games, you couldn't have done any of that without glorious apps. So while 2020 didn't give us much to celebrate, we can at least give props to the apps that kept us going during these difficult times. Wakeout will turn your home into a gym. Wakeout, an iOS workout app for people who don't have time for the gym, is not technically new, but 2020 was its breakout year. Ask Apple, who named it the iPhone app of the year.

VRARNews: arvrjourney - Elemental Rifters AR -- A Multi-Device Networked Multiplayer Shooter Game Post-Mortem


A Multi-Device Networked Multiplayer Shooter Game Post-MortemHoloLens Live Image We were tasked to make a multi-device networked multiplayer game for the mini-capstone in Game Development Advanced Programming Post Graduate Course at Sheridan College. There were four groups of two and one group of three students. Each group was assigned with three unique devices. My group members were:- 1. Abhishek Tippireddy 2. Dakshvir Singh Rehill (me) 3. PC with PS4 DualShock controller The mini-capstone game had to have the following components:- 1. 3 to 4 Unique Non -- Player Characters or any Artificial Intelligence components. Initial Plans Elemental Rifters, like all games, started with a huge scope.

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Forbes - Tech

Thanks to a very early review copy, I have gotten to spend a lot of time with Horizon Zero Dawn over the past few weeks. You may have missed my official review a week ago, so go check that out, but needless to say, I liked most of the game quite a bit. When I get early copies of sprawling games like this, I'm able to play all the way through them and teach valuable lessons to those who are just starting out, lessons I wish I knew when I started. For some games it's hard to do this (how much advice can I really give about getting through a Call of Duty campaign?) I actually had to cut a few points to pare this down to ten essential items.