ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WSVN) -- A Florida man's Jeep has been totaled after he claims his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in the car … Continue Reading On September 8th, 1966, a TV show named Star Trek came on a little box in our living room. I wasn't even born … Continue Reading One of the things that was announced on Wednesday was the availability of Super Mario Run for iOS. On Wednesday, Sony introduced a new game console to its Playstation lineup – The Playstation 4 Pro. "It's official: there won't be a headphone jack in the iPhone 7," Timothy B. Lee writes for Vox. "The downsides are obvious: Almost … Continue Reading Apple has introduced some new products for Apple Watch, iPhone, and more.

Future Trends in Technology and Entertainment for 2017


Trendsetting is an interesting concept that is organic at the core. People have to want to demand a trend for it to continue. That demand is within all of us, and with this article I take a look at the reasons behind our demands. Some trends have been staying consistent, and some fade away. The technology and entertainment industry has become so redundant that we might subconsciously realize that these trends are taking place, but we are not giving them much thought into why they reoccur in comparison to the trends that die off.

Robot equipped with artificial intelligence ESCAPES scientists for the SECOND TIME - Technology - News - Catholic Online


Promobot RI77 escaped its high-tech lab and evaded Russian scientists for the i second /i time this month. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Promobot, short for "promotional robot," was equipped with artificial intelligence, allowing it to learn through ... continue reading In another sign the U.S. is slipping internationally, China has unveiled the world's fastest supercomputer, that is five times more powerful that the fastest U.S. supercomputer. It is also built with all Chinese microprocessors. LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - ... continue reading Security robots have gone to work in a Silicon Valley mall and designers are shocked at the reactions they're getting from the public. The mixed response means the robots have to be capable of protecting themselves if needed.

Black Friday 2017 Store Hours: Sales Start Times For Target, Kmart, More

International Business Times

With major retailers beginning their Black Friday 2017 deals and sales earlier each year, keeping track of store hours and sales start times can be tricky. To help you organize your shopping extravaganza, we've begun compiling a list of all major retailers like Walmart and Kmart running Black Friday sales along with store hours and start times for those sales. We've divided them into two lists - those starting on Thanksgiving Day and those beginning on Black Friday. As more stores confirm their sales hours, we'll continue to update this list. Many stores begin Black Friday sales hours on Thanksgiving Day.