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James Damore is suing Google for alleged discrimination against white male conservatives


James Damore, a fired Google engineer famous for penning a memo that argued lack of diversity in tech is in part because women are biologically inferior to men, has sued his former employer.

'There was a witch hunt': Silicon Valley conservatives decry Google groupthink

The Guardian

"Given the current political climate in Silicon Valley I think I would prefer to stay in hiding." That's how one 29-year-old software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area feels about talking publicly about his political views in the wake of the firing of James Damore, the Google employee who authored a controversial 10-page manifesto about the company's "ideological echo chamber". For conservatives like him in Silicon Valley, the reaction to the manifesto has confirmed the very issue the manifesto sought to highlight. As Damore put it: "Google's left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming its dissenters." The 10-page document, which was circulated on an internal forum at Google before being leaked to the public, has been described as "anti-diversity" and has triggered outrage for suggesting that women are less suited to certain roles in tech and leadership than men.

Google reportedly fires employee behind viral anti-diversity memo

Boston Herald

Google has reportedly fired an employee who wrote a scathing internal memo critical of the company's diversity policies. Bloomberg reports that James Damore, the Google engineer responsible for the note, confirmed in an email that he had been dismissed for "perpetuating gender stereotypes." In a 10-page memo circulated over the weekend, Damore accused the Silicon Valley web giant of suppressing conservative voices. He also argued that the shortage of women in the tech industry is attributable to biological differences between men and women. The contents of the memo infuriated many of Damore's colleagues.

Google employee who wrote disgusting manifesto identified


We now know the identity of the Google software engineer who authored the anti-diversity "manifesto" that went viral inside of the company. Motherboard, which first reported the existence of the document Saturday, just published a version of the memo that contains the author's name, as well as all of the citations he linked to as part of his "research." SEE ALSO: Yes, that controversial Google diversity rant matters. James Damore, who had previously been identified as the author on some online discussion forums, apparently "continued to discuss the themes contained within the document on internal discussion boards at the company through at least Sunday," according to Motherboard. We've reached out to Damore for comment and will update if we hear back.