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Steve Buscemi is clearly a fan of this 'Big Lebowski' sign at the Women's March


Out of all the many hundreds of thousands of people who attended the Women's March in Washington D.C. this weekend, the odds of meeting Steve Buscemi in the crowd must have been pretty low. SEE ALSO: Yes, Trump watched the Women's Marches, and yes, he tweeted about it What makes the photos below even more incredible, though, is that the guys who bumped into Buscemi were wielding a sign directly referencing one of his characters. On Sunday, two friends shared photos from the March on Reddit, where they quickly went viral. Yep, that's the classic line from The Big Lebowski delivered repeatedly by John Goodman's character throughout the film. "Steve showed up out of nowhere," commented Reddit user Squalor-.

Horrifying deepfake video blends Jennifer Lawrence and Steve Buscemi

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An unnerving new video that appears to show Steve Buscemi's face seamlessly molded onto Jennifer Lawrence's head is yet another example of the worrying advancements of'deepfakes' videos. The clip will sound familiar to anyone who remembers Lawrence's speech backstage at the 2016 Golden Globes – but the words are instead coming out of Buscemi's mouth. Horrified social media viewers have been have been sharing the clip of'Jennifer Buscemi' across the internet this week, with many calling it the stuff of nightmares. An unnerving new video appears to show Steve Buscemi's face seamlessly molded onto Jennifer Lawrence's body The clip was first posted by Reddit user VillainGuy at the beginning of January. It's since been shared thousands of times.

Footwear mogul Jon Buscemi becomes latest notable name to part with this 1920s villa

Los Angeles Times

When footwear mogul Jon Buscemi bought this Spanish-Colonial home in Los Feliz last year, he became the latest in a long line of celebrities to reside in the villa. Over the years, owners and tenants have included actresses Natalie Portman and Olivia Wilde, singer Joe Jonas, and Oscar-winning puppeteer Brian Henson. Now, Buscemi has become the latest to trade in his keys, selling the four-bedroom for $3.05 million, or about $200,000 more than he paid for the property last year. Saltillo tile flows from the courtyard through the front door, where vaulted ceilings hang over the entryway.

Starring Steve Buscemi as God, "Miracle Workers" Is Sappy, Juvenile, and Sharp All at Once

The New Yorker

After death, it seems, fortunate mortals ascend to a plane of celestial mediocrity. "Congratulations on your completely random entry into Heaven," a functionary says on "Miracle Workers" (TBS), where the pearly gates resemble an elevator vestibule in an office park. The seven-episode comedy presents a vision of eternity as drudge work and office politics. Trolleys groan with interoffice envelopes at Heaven, Inc., as they trundle through a building with the profile of a chemical plant along the New Jersey Turnpike; the head of H.R.--or, rather, A.R., angel resources--is played by Angela Kinsey, from "The Office." The show depicts God's involvement in our world as the project of "an illiterate madman," managed from below by archangels.

Stephen Colbert showed Steve Buscemi that Jennifer Lawrence deepfake video and he has mixed feelings


How do you do, fellow kids? Steve Buscemi had some thoughts about the latest viral "deepfake" video that's been floating around. You know the one: It's Steve Buscemi's face creepily pasted onto Jennifer Lawrence's body. Speaking to Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, a befuddled Buscemi deadpanned, "I've never looked better." He added, "It makes me sad that somebody spent that much time on that."