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Do nurses hold the key to AI success?


As often happens with new developments in health IT, there's been no shortage of hype related to the emergence of AI and the changes it can bring. But as often also happens, much of the success of AI will depend on the nurses who care for patients from hour to hour and day to day. Writing recently at DailyNurse, Catherine Burger, a board-certified executive nurse leader, points out that "(b)edside nurses are the key to AI as it relates to predictability models and telemedicine. Data points such as temperature, blood pressure, and physical assessment values, entered into the EHR in a timely manner, can literally make the difference between life and death as the health information technology is scanning thousands of factors to provide outcome information. Getting nurses onboard with real-time, accurate documentation (not just copying the assessment from the previous shift) is essential."

New Programs Are Trying to Bolster the Emotional Well-Being of Stressed Health Workers

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A tired nurse leaves Mt. The meetings start with the ring of a bell, then breathing exercises. One nursing student describes being with another student at the bed of a man who dies in front of them--with no nurses available to begin the post-mortality procedures. The students offered their respects, then gently removed tubes from the body. No one spoke for a while after the story ended.

Artificial Intelligence: Nurses Integral Role in Deployment


Yale New Haven Hospital nursing staff was one of the earliest users of the Rothman Index. The index is a tool used to reflect acuity and risk levels for patients. Clinical Informatics Manager Leslie Hutchins stated the Yale New Haven Hospital implementation of technology was aiming to provide the right advisory, at the right time, in order to pull the data that is meaningful to the cause of achieving desired patient outcomes. The Rothman index uses electronic medical record data for calculations. The Rothman Index was met by a great deal of skepticism regarding validity and reliability in addition to the accuracy of actionable results.

The Future of Nurses: Superheroes Aided By Technology - The Medical Futurist


Being a nurse is a highly demanding, but genuinely fulfilling job with the chance to touch many people's lives. As it requires the core of what makes us human – paying attention, being empathetic and caring -, it will never be replaced by technology. However, innovations can relieve nurses of the burden of many monotonous and repetitive tasks. Let's see how technology supports the future of nurses! Clarissa, S.S. visits newborn babies and their mothers every week in the second district of Budapest.